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Masturbation: Gain and loss

Another necessary task to clarify what position and attitude Christians should take toward masturbation is to take an objective look at the benefits of masturbation.

At the same time, this sexual behavior is problematic from the perspective of the Christian faith so I will organize it again.

By comprehensively understanding the benefits and practical consequences of masturbation, we hope this behavior assessment will be more realistic.

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1. Benefits of masturbating

First of all, in what ways does masturbation benefit us?

First, masturbation helps to relieve an individual’s physical pain or psychological tension.

In some women, masturbation is used to relieve menstrual pain. William E. Phipps cites Masters’ research report.

“We know that many women do masturbation when they have menstrual irregularity in their menstrual cycle. When they experience orgasm, they relieve their uterine spasms and their abdominal pain disappears. “

In addition, if you are not sleepy due to psychological tension, it is often done to sleep through masturbation.

Secondly, masturbation becomes a means of sexual self-discovery.

Humans are curious about their surroundings and themselves from birth. In particular, in the case of curiosity about oneself, each part and organ of the body is explored, and sexual organs do not deviate from this subject.

Children who are establishing their sacred heart identity express curiosity about sexual molestation, semen injection, etc.

Own manipulation of your genitals gives you a laboratory-like situation, so you can learn about body function and pleasure under a controlled environment.

At the same time, they experience self-acceptance by establishing confidence and self-esteem through this sexual self-discovery and accepting their body parts and sexual feelings.

Masturbation, therefore, provides the necessary steps for the mature function of sexual responses to function healthily and normally.

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Third, masturbation is necessary for medical purposes or research.

This is necessary when semen from an object needs to be collected, and artificial insemination or disease testing are typical examples. Look at the following example.

There is an artificial insemination when the husband’s fertility is not infertile but below average and the wife also has some defects making it difficult for the husband’s sperm to penetrate her cervix.

In most cases, a sufficient amount of her husband’s semen is collected and injected into his wife’s womb. However, when a husband has fertility and cannot have regular sex with his wife, he relies on masturbation.

Fourth, masturbation sometimes acts as self-therapy to help people with sexual problems.

Based on the research results of scholars who tried to treat masturbation by introducing masturbation, I would like to introduce the following example.

Those who cannot freely respond to sexual stimuli due to lifelong sexual taboos or constraints are encouraged to explore and experiment with their bodies to awaken their sensitivities.

It is hoped that this will lead to more transparent communication, excitement, response, and satisfaction in sexual relations with spouses.

For those who are considering being married, this self-request could help develop their sensitivity and awareness and facilitate the transition to sharing the intimacy expected in marriage.

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Fifth, masturbation acts as an alternative sex act when it is not subject to legal sexual intercourse.
This can also prevent more serious sexual sins.

When it comes to having no subject of legal sex, a few cases come to mind.

First of all, although you have a spouse, you can do it whether normal sex is impossible or not due to various circumstances.

From a man’s point of view, such examples are before and after childbirth, when his wife is lying down with a disease, and when he is tired. At this time, masturbation is perfect to satisfy men’s sexual desires.

You can also think of a spouse going out for a short and extended period of time for business or work. The same goes for a trip away from home.

Masturbation is a temporary countermeasure in this situation. The restraint of sexual impulse through masturbation has the advantage of preventing greater sexual crimes that may occur otherwise.

Some live alone in the bereavement of their loved ones. Their grief and loss, longing, and sexual emptiness are not usually unbearable. Robbie and his wife explain their sexual difficulties as follows.

The difficulties faced by widows, especially young widows, are unmatched. Because they are completely open to sex and are still attached to their beloved spouse, it is very difficult to live in peace with their sexual needs.

It may be helpful to be allowed to masturbate once, especially when sexual pressure is strong during the menstrual cycle. Usually, it is just before menstruation. This is not an ideal solution, but it helps you live in peace with yourself without fear.

The same could be said of divorced and separated people. A typical example of no legal sex partner is in the case of unmarried men and women.

Even then, masturbation is an alternative, although it is not ideal. In fact, if there is no alternative to masturbation, as some observe, the premarital sexual activity of unmarried people will increase, and sexual criminal activity will increase as well.

The last cases where there is no legitimate sex partner are those who have not had a spouse due to factors other than sex. Examples of such factors include dwarf height, deformed body, disease, appearance, etc. They can also maintain a limited sex life through masturbation.

I have summarized the benefits of loud voices in five ways so far. On the contrary, what are the problems with masturbation?

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2. Problems with masturbation

As for the problem of masturbation, I would like to talk about it in a way that summarizes what has already happened before rather than talking about something new.

In terms of physicality, masturbation does nothing harmful. It is said that so-called excessive masturbation harms the human body, but this is not true. There are reports of excessive masturbation and major disruptions to one’s body.

However, this is solely caused by the psychological state found in obsessive masturbators, not by any means by any problem with the physical situation itself.

Many problems with masturbation are linked to psychological aspects. In addition to the obsessive-compulsive psychology mentioned earlier, I have already said that escape psychology, compensation psychology, and guilt are problems.

Sinful types of sexual imagination are also one of the problems of masturbation. This also belongs to the psychological category as a mental problem.

The social problem of masturbation relates to the intentional use of pornography. Although the nature of this problem cannot be defined only as social, it is classified as such because it is different from physical and psychological problems.

I have described the problem of masturbation so far, and to summarize, first, there is no physical problem, and, second, psychological items account for the majority of the problem, and third, the proportion of the total is light, but it is also a problem in terms of society.

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