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Introduction: How to satisfy the sexual needs of unmarried Christians?

What’s the best way to satisfy unmarried Christians’ sexual needs? Unmarried Christians can satisfy their sexual needs in several ways. It’s all about marriage, premarital sex, and wet dreams. There’s no way to reduce sexual sins before marriage and satisfy the sexual desires of unmarried Christians like masturbation, no matter how hard you try.

The First Step: Embrace the sexual needs of unmarried Christians

Humans don’t just perceive their own characteristics, they also evaluate them. If the magazine responds positively to the content, he’s satisfied with himself and mentally happy. Because it shows healthy self-acceptance.

Christian self-acceptance is fundamentally based on Christ receiving us. As Christ has received us and given glory to God. (Romans 15:8). It’s an honor for God that Christ has received us. But if Christ has received us, we deserve to be received.

The content of the receipt varies depending on how the Christian grasps the ‘self’. Our self-acceptance becomes about social self, where our perception of our social traits becomes the content of self-acceptance. Spiritually, physically, emotionally, and sexually.

The Difference Between Higher Faculties and Lower Faculties

Self-acceptance is primarily about the spiritual self or psychological self, not the physical or sexual self. We have no problem with the self that’s usually portrayed in relation to spiritual traits.

For example, he’s willing to accept statements such as “me as a constitutional believer who listens to God’s proclaimed message and obeys,” “I’m sobbing during a spiritual event,” “I’m moving away from a long slump,” and “I’m going to suffer to follow God’s will.”

The story is totally different when it comes to physical or sexual descriptions. We can’t accept “me excreting,” “me spilling fluid,” “me with boogers and earwax and sleeping.”

Sexual self is the same. We hesitate and suffer because we can’t accept ourselves as sexual beings. In other words, “I’m excited when I’m stimulated by sexual image,” “I want to release the produced semen,” and “I have various reproductive organs and animal desires.”

Here’s our tragedy. When we self-acceptance, we’re biased only toward the higher faculties – spiritual self or psychological self – and indifferent to lower faculties – physical or sexual self.

We’re biased against body and sex. In order for self-acceptance to be sound and balanced, lower faculties as well as higher faculties must acknowledge and accept it.

Our physical self or sexual self should also be accepted along with its characteristics. For our self-acceptance to be intact, it must be accepted not only from the angle of spiritual characteristics but also from the angle of sexual characteristics.

How is this possible? One way is to associate Christ with receiving me and my own sexuality.

To make this point more dramatic, I can look at myself naked in the mirror. I admit that Christ has received me, who feels sexual stimulation and excitement, the injection of semen, and the pleasure of feeling sexually stimulated.

Looking in the mirror, he declares that the Holy Spirit lives in his body parts, curves, sexual organs, and raised conditions.

The fact that he died for me in celebration of the Lord’s blood and flesh is no different from self-acceptance.

The acceptance of the sexual self is essential for self-image and sexual attitude as a Christian.

We should check this in advance no matter what position we take on masturbation, but at the same time, it helps us figure out what our position on masturbation should be.

The Second Step: The treatment of unmarried people and their sexual desires

It’s important to be realistic about masturbation if we want to establish our proper posture.

There are two ways I want to be realistic. First of all, I would like to remember unmarried Christians’ sexual status. Masturbation is more related to them than any other group but also distresses them.

Second, I want to take into account the sexual situation that single men and women are dealing with. I don’t like moral admonishments thrown away from real life or religious advice that is nothing more than idealism.

Is there a choice for an unmarried Christian regarding the treatment of sexual desires if both of these are realistic?

How can unmarried Christians respond to their sexual desires? There are five possible ways.

  • Marriage
  • Premarital sex
  • Wet dreaming
  • Masturbation
  • Sublimation.

We’ll go over them one by one.


Unmarried Christians have the option of getting married. If you’re married, normal sex life becomes possible, and such a sex life can naturally handle sexual desires.

But for most unmarried people, there’s a big gap between when they develop sexually and when they meet and marry.

It’s hard to know what to do for more than a decade from early teens to mid-20s. It’s even worse for people who get married late.

Because marriage isn’t an immediate solution for most Christians, it’s not a realistic solution.

Premarital Sex

What about premarital sex? In terms of the efficacy of the object, there are three types of premarital sex. You can have a relationship with only one object, and you can also be promiscuous.

Then there’s an intermediate form of premarital sex. Unmarried people can use premarital sex to resolve their sexual needs, but Christians can’t because it’s morally and spiritually wrong.

Promiscuity doesn’t get biblical permission, even if it’s conscientious sex with only one object.

Wet Dream

A wet dream is also a reasonable measure for now. As a result, semen is released without causing any moral problems.

Again, a wet dream is out of our control, so it’s hard to serve as a permanent solution.


Let’s look at sublimation last. Sublimation is the process of releasing or burning sexual desires through exercise, activities, and implementation plans.

Sublimating is the best way to deal with unmarried people’s sexual desires.

But there’s also a problem. It’s a question of how possible this is.

I’m actually pessimistic. Sublimation doesn’t even deny that it can happen temporarily to some unmarried Christians.

Conclusion: Masturbation is the most realistic way for unmarried people to get what they want.

It’s hard to say it’s a fixed way to deal with unmarried people’s sexual desires. In addition, if sublimation is confused with repression, cumulative sexual energy can erupt and uncontrollable things can happen.

Before marriage, masturbation is still the most reasonable option for Christians. Though this method isn’t ideal either, it’s the most realistic way for unmarried people to get what they want.

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