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O Favored One is Christianity Site that Delivers Bible, Theory, and Christians Issues.

My spiritual journey has been a remarkable one, marked by profound transformations and a deepening connection with Christianity.

In my earlier years, I was a non-Christian with anti-Christian sentiments, and my interests were drawn towards Eastern philosophy and Buddhism. At one point, I even aspired to become a monk, captivated by the spiritual path.

However, my life took a significant turn when, at the age of twenty, I experienced a profound conversion to Christianity. This pivotal moment set me on a lifelong journey of faith, knowledge, and self-discovery.

In the decades that followed, I immersed myself in the Bible, reading it cover to cover dozens of times. I also delved into the writings of the Church Fathers, Reformers, and Puritan theologians, which enriched my understanding of Christianity and deepened my relationship with the Lord. These experiences were instrumental in shaping my faith and worldview.

As life unfolded, I encountered new challenges and responsibilities. Divorce and the introduction of a loving wife with children into my life prompted me to explore the intricacies of biblical teachings on marriage, divorce, remarriage, and parenting. This period of study and reflection allowed me to navigate these complex subjects through the lens of faith and scripture.

Now, my heartfelt mission is to share the wealth of knowledge and wisdom I’ve gained through my studies and life experiences. Through this blog, I aspire to provide Christian readers with valuable insights and lessons that will help them strengthen their faith and lighten the burdens they may carry.

My ultimate hope is that every Christian who engages with this blog will find their faith deepening and their spirits lifting as they embark on their own unique spiritual journeys.

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