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Info: Abraham Kuyper’s Meditation

I’m going to talk about living close to God, focusing on Abraham Kuyper‘s meditation, a Dutch theologian and prime minister. There’s a verse in Psalm 73:27-28 that says: (If you click the link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you)

Those who are far from you will perish; you destroy all who are unfaithful to you. But as for me, it is good to be near God. I have made the Sovereign Lord my refuge; I will tell of all your deeds.

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The meaning of getting God close

My love for God is much weaker than I can say “I love God.” Like God is a noble feeling, a very serious and sometimes passionate thing.

It may not be able to bring in the great God as his savior and shout, “I love God,” because the soul doesn’t have a close relationship with God and doesn’t experience the grace of salvation one-on-one.

Love of God is mainly the idea of God, the source of life, and the love of those who protect Israel without sleeping, and those who don’t change forever. As soon as the soul says “I love God!” it embodies the idea, sense, and reality of eternal God.

In those days, God was the shepherd who led us, the Lord who made covenants with us, and the friend who dated us.

Over the years, you might have felt this level of love from God. Still, he doesn’t know God fully. God’s knowledge comes from loving him personally and meeting him for the first time.

worshipping crowds in the church

How to Become God’s Children

We become children of God through our unique conscious, lively, and personal relationship with him, and we only become aware of the knowledge he gives us when we become his children.

In addition to being one of God’s children, he becomes your father, shepherd, beloved friend, and God because he enjoys a personal and intimate relationship with him!

You can’t understand this faith if you don’t come to it. I’m not ready for this.

Additionally, if you pay attention to religious issues, when people talk about an intimate relationship with God, it feels like, it would make me love God more passionately if I could reach that level of love.

He realizes he’s forgotten something. This stimulates a desire for something too beautiful to possess and arouses a desire for it.

This wish finally opens the door to a more noble faith. Relationships with God lead to action both from God and man.

That means God is close to him and he is close to God. At first, the gap is far away, but as it gets closer, the gap finally disappears and the meeting finally takes place, and that moment is so gracious that it can never be expressed in words.

Those who haven’t tasted this mysterious experience can say, “It’s my blessing to be close to God,” but they don’t know what it means.

When you’re “close” to God, you see and feel with your heart, hear his voice with your own ears, and all separation factors are gone.

The word “close” implies that there are too many things separating you from God. There are many times when you feel isolated, lonely, and abandoned.

worshipping crowds in the church

Conclusion: How can Christians rest in God?

You can’t rest because God is away or you are away from Him.

The factor that drove you away from God vanishes when everything inside you leads you back to him.

After that, you have a relationship with God, and he is by your side, so you realize once again how close you are to him.

Again, a blessing. This is a blessing beyond words. I’m so happy to be close to God again! Everything would be great if you were good at everything.

There’s a gap between those who are afraid of God and those who ignore God in everyday life. As you attempt to obey God in the face of this flood of water, your faith is damaged.

Young people of today, especially their loved ones, are at risk of unspeakable horrors.

Since God knows that, his eternal mercy will bring you and your loved ones closer and closer.

Even in the midst of modern seduction, bring all Christians closer to God.

You can only save yourself privately by saying “I love you” to God. At that moment, you won’t be far from God. You’ll get closer to him in your soul and in your personal encounter with him.

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