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How do I know God loves me?

It is God who creates life. Jacob and Esau were born in the womb purely under God’s control. Isaac and Rebecca were just the gateways to the work. Isaac and Rebecca are responsible for raising Esau and Jacob, but the master of Esau and Jacob is God.

Life is not given. Life is something that humans have no control over. Even if God is a child he promised to offer, he does not accept it for granted. The attitude of taking life for granted can be easily found in our lives. 

Faith is the attitude of entrusting all responsibility to God

We often say, “God will take care of it.”.

Like this, I think faith is the attitude of entrusting all responsibility to God. But this attitude is not faith.

This is laziness and formal faith. God does not easily allow God’s enterprise to those who sit on the sidelines in this manner.

It wasn’t until 20 years later that Isaac and Rebecca knew that their children’s problems were up to God. Then God finally showed them that he gives life. Everyone born on this Earth is the creator of God.

Nevertheless, people forget life’s creator and commit crimes against God incorrectly, such as abortion. It’s as if the master of life is himself, an exercise of his sinful will to end life.

The existence of man began under the direct creation of God.

The obvious thing that we shouldn’t forget is that we can kill lives, but we can’t Create life. God, the creator of life, gives every human breath. Like this, the existence of man began under the direct creation of God.

Whether I’m a man or a woman, rich or poor, intelligent or not, are secondary conditions. The most important thing for humans is ‘being God’s creation itself. “I” is the most important fact that ” I am created and living by God as the only and unique being on this earth.”.

We must remember this fact

We must remember this fact. The fact that God, who created and ruled heaven and earth, created the only “I” in this land from the beginning. Sometimes people complain and resent only the circumstances or results given to them.

But this is not a problem to be solved by resentment, and more fundamentally, it is not a problem to blame and lament.

We don’t know after a while. You don’t have the right to complain about what you’ve given us, and you don’t have a clear solution just because you’re unhappy.

Things about our birth are about God’s sovereignty beyond human will. Our conditions and circumstances are strictly permitted under God’s sovereignty.

It is not correct and helpful for us, creatures, to blame the given environment and complain to God. We don’t deserve it.

Does God Love Me?

Jacob is not a biblical figure generally mentioned as a model of success in life.

But Jacob is a good model that shows the detailed story of humans who need salvation more than anyone else and God who saves these humans.

Jacob, who is born and exists in this world, is a country that vividly shows life, God’s patience and tenacity that saves the life of this very person, and the passion of grace.

Like this, we are looking closely at Jacob’s life seems to be a journey of heaven that tracks a person’s journey to salvation.

In the story of Jacob in the Bible, we can see how the salvation ministry that God does for each person’s salvation unfolds in one’s life.

Among them, we see the naked reality of life and the grace of God’s salvation for these people.

With this fantastic revelation of grace, God’s abundant grace will overflow when applying Jacob’s life recorded in the Bible to our lives. Jacob’s whole life is the sum of all the Bible’s doctrines.

The Bible contains salvation doctrines, including God’s choice and calling, rebirth, conversion, glorification, and moving to glory.

So I feel the most friendly to Jacob among the characters in the Bible. Because he resembles me the most.

The word “O worm Jacob” the word in the book of Isaiah, is his name. God gives infinite love and grace to Jacob, who is like a worm, God who endures and waits for his shortages.

God transforms a man who stands at the bottom amid patience into a holy man. His life is equally applicable to you and me, who live in modern times.

You and I are still not enough. They lack faith; they lack personality; they lack everything.

But God knows that you and I are not good enough. Even though you know, he embraces you and me.

Love generously and endure for a long time. However, God does not stand by or neglect. Someday, like Jacob, you and I will be true children of God from worms.

So don’t be discouraged by what you lack now. If God does not give up on you, you must not give yourself.

God is gracious. And the road is patient. Let’s get closer to God. That’s what you and I should do.

For a long time to come, you will see God’s touch and method of touching Jacob. Through my website.

As you study Jacob’s life, you will find a surprisingly meticulous and gracious touch on God’s handling of earthworm-like humans.

I hope Jacob will broaden his understanding of God and realize how to love himself in God’s love truly.

Knowledge is spoken in Christianity.

Only shall we grow up in the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the knowledge of him, For the glory will be with him now and forever (1 Peter 3:18).

Starting the beginning of John Calvin’s masterpiece “Christian Coercion,” which established the theological cornerstone of religious reform, a proposition on “knowledge” is significant.

The author says that almost every wisdom we have has two kinds of knowledge, “Knowledge of God” and “Knowledge of ourselves,” which is an inseparable relationship, out of order.

So he said, “Obviously, unless you first stare in God’s face, and then until you carefully examine yourself, you never have a true knowledge of yourself.”.

Puritan theologian Jonathan Edwards says that there are two kinds of knowledge of God’s truth. That is ‘personal knowledge and ‘practical knowledge.

The author refers to these two pieces of knowledge as “Original knowledge” and the latter as “Spiritual knowledge.”.

These two are not exclusive to each other either. Rather, we should pursue reflective knowledge for practical or spiritual knowledge because reflective knowledge without spiritual knowledge means nothing.

This aligns with what Kant said, “Ideas without content are empty, and intuition without concept is blind.”.

The benefit of knowledge to know God.

‘Knowledge of God’ adds depth of love. “There can be no love without knowledge,” says Jonathan Edwards. First of all, you have to understand why it attracts the soul to love.

He also says that the more practical knowledge to know the things that belong to God, the more opportunities and advantages we get to know their divine excellence and glory.


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