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Examples of bad parents: Issac and Rebecca

Today, we’re going to learn what it’s like to be the wrong parents through Isaac and Rebecca.

As you know, Isaac and Rebecca suffered and had no children for many years. Isaac and Rebecca prayed for a long time for their children. So they held their two sons in their arms through time of patience.

But their upbringing wasn’t biblical at all. On the contrary, they raised their children in their way rather than in God’s will.

After all, such poor parenting can bring disaster to the family. It causes discord among brothers and a clash between daughter-in-law and parents-in-law.

The adverse effects of bad parents on children

Esau and Jacob learned a lot about faith from their parents. But Isaac and Rebecca’s attitude of devotion to their children was not biblical. How did the result come about?

Let’s look at them one by one. Esau grew up as an uncontrollable child. Contrary to her parent’s wishes, Esau married a foreign woman. Esau makes the wrong choice again when Isaac and Rebecca don’t like his marriage. Esau is getting married again to a woman who is Ishmael’s descendant.

Is Jacob different from Esau? It was no different. Jacob was similar to his brother. Religious parents also raised Jacob, but he had no faith in God. What he believed was not God but his plot and tactics.

Jacob became a man of God through various hardships that he went through regardless Of his family. Jacob changed after meeting God personally through God’s direct intervention.

It resulted from Isaac and Rebecca’s wrong way of raising their children. Isaac and Rebecca raised their children according to their preferences rather than God’s will. Isaac and Rebecca have different perspectives on raising their children in the Bible.

Isaac favors Esau, and Rebecca favors Jacob. Favoritism like this brings disaster to the family. Isaac and Rebecca acted as if they liked the words in The Book Of Judges.

Isaac knew that God would make the kingdom of God through his youngest son Jacob. However, Isaac preferred Esau over Jacob, contrary to God’s will. So Isaac works secretly without Isaac and Rebecca knowing.

Isaac plotted that God’s promise would come true through Esau, not Jacob. It is not biblical at all, regardless of God’s will. Did Esau thank his father for trying to bless him by breaking God’s promise?

Not at all. As I said before, Esau was not a good son to Isaac. He was an uncontrollable son who lived his way rather than his parent’s will. Watching Isaac ignore God’s will, Esau would have thought.

“My father doesn’t live according to God’s will, so why do I need to live according to God’s will? I can live my way.”

Are you a Biblical parent?

How about you? Don’t you, as a parent, show an ambivalent attitude like Isaac in front of your children? Today, many Christian parents teach their children how vital God’s promises are, but They take God’s promises lightly.

Like Isaac. Children know and acknowledge God’s existence through their parents. If parents’ beliefs are inconsistent, children cannot have the right faith.

The children heard the words of God in their ears, but their eyes did not see them living according to the terms, so they also had a dual attitude toward God.

Authority of parents to use right Another tragedy caused by Isaac’s favoring Esau was that Esau blocked the way to God.

Isaac’s attachment to Esau made Esau rely on himself rather than God. Isaac did not teach Esau that he should trust and rely on God.

If your child grows up without knowing God, no matter how well they study and are talented, it is not a blessing but a disaster.

Instead, your child’s excellent brain and talent will be an obstacle to preventing them from going to God. Even if your child has a superior brain and talent, it is the right parent’s attitude to teach them to believe in God rather than rely on their ability.

Look at Isaac. Isaac favored Esau. But Isaac was not respected and loved by his eldest son. What Isaac received from Esau was disobedience and disregard. We should not be mistaken.

The Role of Biblical parents

Allowing a child to do what they want is not suitable for their temperament and tendency, and it negatively affects the relationship between parents and children.

Unless parents use their authority correctly, their children are forced to ignore their parents. So parents who don’t teach their children properly have a heartbreaking old age.

Isaac’s wrong love for his children eventually ruined Esau’s life and soul. Rebecca was no different from Isaac. Rebecca knew God’s will for Jacob.

But she tried to make God’s will come true in her way, not in God’s way. She even risked her life for her children.

It isn’t very easy for children. Rebecca believed in God and did not wait. Impatient, she tries to take the role of God.

As a result, Rebecca did not think and waited for God to lead her. Even though Rebecca told her child that she believed in God, her behavior was not the Act of a person who believed in God at all.

What is the Biblical Parent

We are now learning the grace and love of God who works through Jacob’s life today. We will learn about biblical parenting through the lousy parenting of Jacob and Esau’s parents Isaac and Rebecca.

So let’s get started praying for a child whose parents are not yet born as a required attitude for a religious parent God wants trusted parents to ask god about their children’s problems.

Godly Parent

There is Something important in raising children of godly parents. There is complete obedience and personal communication among the actual relationships with God in the course of your child’s growth in that sense being born into a family of Jesus is one of the beautiful blessings.

However such blessings can hurt the church community as well as themselves. If you inherited faith as a legacy, it is right to serve god more sincerely and correctly.

But it is hard to find it in them they are mistaken that they already know a lot and have confidence in salvation. They mistake the background of such faith for vested interests.

But if you look at the Bible you can see that the experience of that faith is never a blessing. This is because God judges many children of good parents in the Bible like this birth faith is not insurance.

That guarantees your soul that the most important thing for you is to meet god personally. This must be experienced by everyone regardless of their motherly beliefs after birth.

Patents response to God

Those who do not have a sincere response to God in their faith and life will eventually go the wrong way. Therefore a person born in a family who believes in the Lord should check the state of his soul before god and seek salvation.

So that the environment does not become a disaster living for God after birth is the most important thing for humans who god has given life as children of destruction.

We cannot know God nor communicate with him. We live as sinners and die as sinners but God of grace showed him to us through revelations what remains for you and me is a personal response that changes according to god’s revelations.

Parent has an important role

Parents are the most influential channel for this let’s think about the human Growth process. In the growth process of human thought, the newborn believes the world is connected to him.

That’s why babies think the world moves as they wish. The baby gradually starts to get to know the world. As he grows up the world is separated from the baby and the baby realizes that the world does not move according to the baby’s will.

Let’s apply the baby’s growth process to families who believe in God. Parents should teach their children not to die while living as if the owner of their life is themselves.

Parents should let their children know God. God wants parents to guide their children in awe of god in the attitude of stewards.

The primary purpose of god’s giving you children

This is the primary purpose of god’s giving you children. God did not give you children so that their children could succeed and be your pride. The fundamental purpose of god’s giving You Children is to make your children know god.

Therefore parents who believe in the Lord should know that. Letting their children know God is the most important thing. It would help if you left the legacy of faith to your children as parents. We are responsible for this mission.

The Child is the mirror of the Parent

Even though children don’t seem to listen, they remember everything their parents say. Children don’t seem to see, but they remember all of their parents’ actions.

Even if a child hears the Bible from his/her parents, if his/her parent’s actions are not biblical, the child goes the wrong way.

Let’s look at Isaac and Rebecca. They lived in the center of themselves, not the center of God. Their actions against God will bring quarrels between brothers.

Esau tries to kill his brother because of God’s blessing. It is a disaster caused by parents’ wrong greed.

What can we do to prevent this kind of household disaster?

What can we do to prevent this kind of household disaster? There’s only one way. The whole family is united by the word of God. First of all, the words and actions of parents must be consistent with God’s words.

Otherwise, it will have the same consequences as Isaac and Rebecca’s family. If the family is not united by the word of God, the family is divided according to their own will.

What does it mean to unite with the word of God? It is not to fit the word of God to me, but to fit me to the word of God.

Parents’ favoritism is the worst parenting attitude.

When you raise a child, there are times when your spouse and child have different opinions. It can lead to conflicts and disputes.

At that time, if we match each other’s will to God’s word, the problem will be solved. As you can see from Isaac and Rebecca, favoritism is the worst parenting attitude.

Parents can do wrong because they are imperfect human beings. Parents can’t just be perfect in front of their children. What’s important here is the attitude after parents do wrong.

How parents solve their faults in front of God is an example of good faith for their children.

The standard of the family

The standard of the family should be the word of God. If the Word of God does not stand at the center of the family, the family cannot go in the direction God wants.

The relationship between the couple, the parents and the children, the brothers and sisters, all breaks up. Tolstoy’s novel Anna Karenina begins like this.

“Happy families look alike, but unhappy families are unhappy in their own way.”

Christian families are no different. Happy Christian families are the same: family members unite in the word of God. The unhappy Christian family is divided according to the will of the family members.

That’s why we have to use God as our family’s standard, and our family members must respond sincerely in front of it. Isaac and Rebecca’s faults lead to the misfortune of the next generation.

The beginning of living according to God’s will is to build a family based on God’s word.

The beginning of living according to God’s will is to build a family based on God’s word. Children’s religious education should not be left to the church alone.

Then the child will live with faith and life divided. Therefore, to prevent this from happening, we must use the Word as a standard of family and have a sense of responsibility as a senior of faith that serves as a model for our children.

Parents’wrong attitudes toward faith should not lead to disaster in the next generation. This is an important matter for the eternal life of a child. I hope you realize this truth and become a biblical parent who raises children.

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