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Being created as a man and a woman is a gift from God to us

Today, we’ll learn about biblical sex through Lisa Graham McMinn and Stanley J. Grenz’s book, Sexuality and Holy Longing: Embracing Intimacy in a Broken World.

The story of Genesis Chapter 2 shows that the Bible primarily looks at sex with a positive view, contrary to what many modern people assume.

Being created as a man and a woman is a gift from God to us. However, the Bible regards sex as a gift from God and celebrates it while realistically portraying human stories.

Bible statements about human stories repeatedly remind us that we have a terrible ability to misuse our innate sexuality in a way harmful to ourselves.

The Declaration of the Bible

The Bible declares that God is delegated to us as stewards and that everything he has given us for our happiness can too easily hurt us, exploit and suppress others, And harm them.

But this is not the end of the story because the Bible tells us what God does on our side, who meets us in our stupidity, insincerity, and failure.

The Bible declares that God forgives us in Christ and allows us to make a new start. The Bible argues that through Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit, God wants to constrain us as sexual beings, so he can transform us into the sexual beings that God intended to create us.

God has created us

God has created us to be the ones who long for friends, and sex continues to destabilize us and makes us try to get a meaningful relationship.

It is also women’s distortion that girls and women hate their bodies, are ashamed of menstruation, afraid of childbirth, are competitive with other women, and are fearful of abandonment.

Because our ideas about sex come from various grounds, the faith community can be a powerful Agent in changing and constraining broken sexuality.

As a religious community, we can see the assumption that we stand in the light of theological truth and turn unhealthy ideas about body and sex into a spiritual entity that recognizes the importance of embodied life.

Gender is fundamental to human existence

Gender is fundamental to human existence, but gender is fundamentally not about sex. Sex is a much deeper and more comprehensive human experience than mere sex.

We are being human means being attracted to others. We cannot exist in a world unrelated to the relationship that defines and shapes ourselves.

By nature, we can say that sex is our way of life. Sex is a good thing. The foundation came from God, the person we contain the figure. The foundation came from God, the person we have the constitution.

We are existing with sexuality

Our sex allows us to experience the world as creatures with specific bodies that are fundamentally guided by relationships with others.

This theological truth that we are built for relationships adds hope and blessing to the sexual nature that allows us to enter relationships.

Sometimes God’s restraint to broken sex is revealed by a good marriage life with a lifetime partner and a healthy sexual expression. Sometimes, it appears to belong to a sufficiently satisfactory friendship community and alleviates the pain caused by craving.

In addition, restraining broken sex appears through the continued realization of our inability that we cannot love unconditionally and cannot be loved.

Grace is to strive for the greater good and better love while embracing the imperfections of others and our weaknesses.

God’s restraint to a broken castle will never reach the level of perfection we hope for, but it is a lifelong journey toward a model. 

The lack of positive awareness of menstruation

Today’s lack of positive awareness of menstruation is evident in women’s contempt for menstruation. The collective shame and disgust of menstruation shared by women stem from a long history of regards to femininity as inferior to masculinity.

Instead of taking menstruation as a curse, women can try to understand how having menstruation and having a body to adopt and raise their children can affect the way they look at themselves and how they relate to the world with God and others.

They can understand the process of production as an essential part of sex. The pro-woman voice rejects justice created by a culture that considers women and everything Feminine inferior, cursed, and questionable.

The souls are given the body

We are the souls given the body. The menstruation ceremony blesses girls and opens up the possibility to think restrictively about all aspects of being a woman.

Girls are reminded of their uniqueness as women every month. They can pay attention to this cyclical rhythm that distinguishes the days of life. She can find a way to respect her menstrual body.

For example, you can dive deep inside for a few days every month to reflect on where you’ve been and think about where you’re headed. Some women feel that their dreams are strengthened before, during, or right after menstruation.

Some women feel the desire to stay in a quiet and peaceful place during a period of severe bleeding. Some people experience menstruation as a time of increased consciousness and creativity or sensitivity and insight.

Women cannot separate their personalities from the body

Women live in a physical body that menstruates every month, and women cannot separate their personalities from their bodies.

Paying attention to the cycle that follows a woman’s physical nature opens the door to potential insights and unexpected blessings.

When women’s social values refuse to be determined solely by their youthful appearance, we come to pay respect to older women.

The faith community, which encourages older women to teach, mentor, mediate, discern and lead, confirms the history of God who has worked among those who have gained wisdom throughout their lives.

Women who feel comfortable with their bodies

Women who feel comfortable with their bodies are less uncomfortable due to anger and doubts About their existence as women.

They live and work with greater conviction and acknowledge and celebrate their future as women who change as they live with their current presence.

The ceremony’s purpose that confirms being a woman is to talk about the blessings and responsibilities of the existence of women, to guide the way girls think about themselves as women, and to attract girls into a larger community.

Relationships between women and others are intimate relationships

Relationships between women and others are intimate relationships. Women give life, raise young people, teach new mothers, and provide guidance and counseling to mothers with adolescent daughters.

And in old age, as a person who has lived with the world’s pain, he becomes a source of wisdom as a person who has witnessed a gracious God who is continually working to lead people to himself and others.

Women surrounding each other at deliberately planned events to provide support calls for collective wisdom accompanying God in what benefits the new generation.

The task left to women is to creatively develop ways to promote this kind of interaction within an extended family, within a church, and within a group of friends.

Christians’ understanding of sex

A Christian understanding of sex must go beyond information about negative consequences. Christians should respect sex and treat it sacredly because our spiritual life is embodied in the body.

We see God and understand ourselves as those who reflect God’s character. Faith can help us put our gender into a more extensive and metaphysical framework.

The promotion of trust given with accurate information can empower teenagers by allowing them to root their embodied lives in vivid reality.

The church should talk about sex

One challenge thrown at the modern church is to assert sex’s theology of speaking, acknowledging, And embracing single-sex. Restraining single sex involves challenging the belief that only God, the groom, and the parent’s appearance is the ultimate and complete demonstration of God’s relational love.

On the other hand, celibacy reflects God’s comprehensive love and love for everyone. The freedom of singles to love others openly reflects God’s vast and universal love.

If it is a crucial dimension of sex to lead others to give vital positivity to being with others, we are sexual beings regardless of whether or not we are having sex. 

Our gender is a bigger problem than sex

Our gender is a bigger problem than sex, and it’s a more complex dimension than just wanting close friends. Sex also has to do with being attracted to something else, something we are not.

Sexuality means paying attention to the opposite sex even when there is no particular attraction. When we hold hands and pray, we recognize it if the hand we have is the hand of reason.

Physical attraction is a sex element that goes beyond the desire for comfortable Intimacy of friendship. It causes a flame.

Is Christianity Oppressive to women?

There is often a prejudice against Christianity. They think the Bible is a book of Chauvinism book. If you look into it properly, It’s not true. Because women are also human beings that contain God’s image, it teaches women as objects to cherish and love as weak vessels.

On one side, if there is a disparagement of women’s human rights, on the other hand, there is an excessive emphasis on women’s human rights. This appears mainly in Western society or places affected by such cultures, so let’s not discriminate between men and women.

There are calls for equal treatment of men, not special treatment for women. As John Calvin saw through, knowledge of the world consists of knowledge of God and man.

Knowing human beings reaches the understanding of God that created human beings.

No matter which string of knowledge we hold, the line must guide us to other learning. Knowing human beings reaches the understanding of God that created human beings.

Knowing God advances the knowledge of man created by God. The tight support of both pieces of knowledge allows us to have healthy tensions that keep humans from being biased toward either side.

That’s why our interest in sex is to take an interest in the broader world beyond individual humans and homes.

Humans are created to exist through sex

Humans are created to exist through sex. Both men and women were created as human beings in the image of God.

When we deviate from the narrow view of sex, we can reach God’s knowledge and man’s knowledge through the castle. Is Paul a male chauvinist?

The reason why people see Christianity as A misogynistic religion is because of their illusion. There are three psychological effects that affect their impressions.

Is the apostle Paul the Apostle of male supremacy? I’m never like that. We need to come up with a lesson here that says, “If you know it properly, you don’t know it at all.

For example, read Corinthians 11:7. “A man is the image and glory of God, so he does not wear it on his head, and women are the glory of man.

Women differ in expressing God’s glory in their clothing and behavior.

Here, the apostle Paul never denies that women were created in the form of God. He only says that in the church community, men and women differ in expressing God’s glory in their clothing and behavior.

Both men and women were given the same mission to represent God’s glory through their respective lives as characters created in the image of God.

He made it not a single-gender but an interdependent relationship between men and women. Paul was single all his life, but he was an apostle who received God’s revelations more clearly and clearly than anyone else.

That’s why he knew God’s will for men and women more clearly than anyone else. The evidence is also evident in the Book of Rome.

Bible does not despise women

Chapter 16 of the Book of Rome, which we are prone to spill, contains evidence to resolve our misunderstandings.

Among the diversity of the Roman Church in the chapter, gender diversity is an exciting and learned aspect. Nine out of twenty-six people he asks after are women.

Paul respected all of them who worked together for the gospel. The evidence that women were prominent among Paul’s aides shows that he was not a male chauvinist as people imagine.

God’s hidden secrets were slowly revealed through the prophets. And finally, to Christ, the mystery was revealed ultimately. Paul saw the secret and spread it to the world.

One of the secrets is to fill everything. “The secret of God, which has been hidden so far but has now emerged, is essentially full of Jesus Christ, especially Christ among strangers.” Therefore, beyond race, class, and gender diversity, everyone in Jesus Christ is a beneficiary of fullness, and the church coexists in a holy kiss full of heterogeneity and diversity, Rev. John Stott said.

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