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The Difference between Philosophy Buddhism Christianity

What is sin? How can sin be explained in religion or philosophy?

Today, let’s find out how Buddhism, philosophy, and Christianity talk about sin. Let’s hear the story of what a Buddhist monk here says about sin.

He is a Frenchman who was once a scientist and became a Buddhist monk in Tibet. “No, fundamentally evil has no substance other than error. The ultimate nature of all beings is perfect.

This perfection exists deep inside us; even now, we’re blinded by our ignorance, desire, and hate. There’s not a surface confrontation between good and evil.

That confrontation comes only from the way we look at things. It’s an illusion that exists only to us, and it’s an illusion that exists only to us; it’s not true.

So evil is a kind of derailment, and so it’s the same as a false perception of reality; it’s an illusion that arises from the truth and confusion surrounding our truth, which is the same as a false perception of reality.

The quote above is part of “monk and Philosopher,” a book about a conversation between a son who became a Lama monk in science and his father, a famous French philosopher.

As you can see (in Tibet), Buddhism sees sin as an illusion, not an entity. That’s how Buddhism sees man and sin. And this is what modern scientists claim.

Scholars like John Dewey, who had a profound impact on American education, and Richard Dawkins, who is now famous for his “Selfish Genes.”.

Humans can get better through schooling as much as possible. However, in the Christian teachings, we believe in avoiding this kind of thinking.

What is Sin?

On the contrary, what the Bible insists is a sin. Sin, in a linguistic sense, means “off-target.” The Bible says that humans are lust and greedy, self-centered beings.

Humans have become powerless by sin. Evil is the most potent force in human nature. On the other hand, the Bible clarifies that we must think of the devil as having personal meaning. It is wrong to think of the devil as power or power.

We can also clearly understand that the devil is much larger than humans, more potent, and more powerful. But the devil is different from God.

Above all, the devil is not omnipresent. In other words, the devil is not everywhere at the same time. So the devil is not almighty.

Such a demon aims for the human mind and body most. It causes human arrogance, doubt, fear, and disappointment.

C.S. Lewis'” Scurutape’s Letter” is a good illustration of such evil tactics. They also use heresy to seduce us. If heresy is an imitation of Christianity, socialization is not Christian, for example, yoga, which is in the spotlight.

You can see that yoga, which includes Indian practices such as Chakra and Tantra, comes from Hindu

practices. Even before the law existed, there were sins.

There are many law functions, but among them, the law plays a role in “sin.” Since the evil has been specified, breaking the commandments is an excuse that cannot be used.

On the other hand, sin also serves to encourage corruption. The “don’t” prohibition in the commandment encourages people to do something forbidden.

Martin Lloyd Jones, for example, has stressed the need for sex education these days but has indicated that it will serve to encourage sexual depravity.

The Bible “world” refers to a world away from God, or a world of rebellion against God, that is, an organized world away from God’s law and rule. Jesus Christ, the grace of God Jesus Christ came to restore this world divided from God.

Because he couldn’t, a man, a complete God, a perfect man, came and ordered all our sins, that he died and resurrected on the cross, that Christ was right, and that all those who believed in him were right.

There are “universal salvationists” who say, “There is no hell,” Believers and believers will be saved in the end.”. But this is a horrible word that you don’t know in the Bible. Hatred is Rejected, Love.

If Christ had not come, they could have done less. Still, the human sin of refusing the covenant of reconciliation that God has offered to humans is weighty because Christ came 2,000 years ago.

All the evidence and facts have been conveyed to us.ct 1

Who is Jesus?

Let’s see. The son of God, who cannot die, came as the son of man to die and be killed for all the sins of humanity.

As Hebrews said, he served as the president of Melchizedek forever, not as Aaron’s genealogy. Jesus Christ has completed all the laws and rituals of the Old Testament.

This led me to be told that God is correct and that those who believe in it are right. Now we’ve moved from a sinner’s seat to a righteous one. God is holy to see us. He’s talking.

Now we are the bride of Christ. God is happy when he sees us as priests. John Owen explains what it means to “Love quietly,” as “to be satisfied with your object of love and not to find a more satisfying object of love.”.

God is happy with those who hold onto him

In addition, he adds, “God is happy with those who hold onto him.”. “There is quite a rest and joy in God’s love, and he wants us to do good.”. After realizing this truth, Paul decided to regard every merit he had as excrement, abandon much of his knowledge, and only show off the cross.

In the past, abandoned people had to live in sin and be disconnected from God, so they always lived in guilt, fear, and concern. What should I eat? Do you want to drink?

I was living under the power of Satan, worried about wearing it, concerned because I didn’t know what was going on tomorrow, and afraid because I didn’t know more about the world after I died.

Therefore, humans have lived a self-centered life rather than good things, God’s righteousness and glory. But God’s father gives us his son, restores his severed relationship with God, makes him a child, and gives us God’s infinite wealth and wisdom. God’s will and power, glory, and knowledge, Christ.

The believers admire Christ’s excellence and beauty (John 1:14) and have a strong passion for Christ, the best good that cannot be compared to anything else.

God gave us your will and ability

This intense passion makes us think more about Christ’s upbringing, glory and truth and rejoices in finding ourselves in it. God gave us your will and ability.

The Holy Spirit (Paraclautus; meaning “a person who helps by his side”) in us proves This. I received the inchoate of the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 1:13). Now the concept of sin changes.

Now for the saved saints, sin is hurting the love of Christ, not breaking the law. Pulling the noble love of the Lord, who loved himself and gave up his body, means sinning. John Owen said so.

“So let us greet Christ as he gives us, in all his excellence and glory. Let’s often think of him with faith and compare him with other lovely things such as sin and the world and the righteousness of the law. Then you will like Christ more than all that, and you will realize that everything else is a waste compared to Christ.”

Before then, I couldn’t live only thinking about what was visible after being swept away by persecution, abundance, and poverty.

Still, God gave us the will and power, and now I have the boldness to do everything in his pouring power, love, and will.

Endure with faith in God

Sometimes we can endure with faith in God, who will do everything together for good because we know God’s will and power even if trouble and persecution come because we live in an unstable world.

We must trust God’s wisdom without hesitation, even when God leaves us in the dark. It’s also possible. These things cannot be used against us other than God’s will and ability.

For this reason, there are three recent trends in the church that I, as a writer, look at with mixed views. One is Norman Vincent Philly’s Aggressive Way of Thinking and Robert Schler’s the Impossible.

Then, the belief in Joel Austin’s “The Law of Positivity” becomes the Pygmalion effect of psychology, which lives without wind.

Another is ‘excessive spirituality,’ which emphasizes the sermon on the mountain rather than the cross. The last is “internal healing,”

God looks at humans from an unbreakable perspective and forces them to cry and rage.

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