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What is the God’s Purpose in Creation?

The purpose of God’s creation and salvation stems from “God’s eagerness for God’s glory.”. Even if we do not have the theological concept of “the glory of God, “if we follow the teachings of Max Planck or Plato, we will surely encounter the divine of all creatures.

And the Bible leads to the Trinity God with the Holy Spirit. And the revelation of God shines the most in Jesus Christ. Before discussing God’s improbability, we must acknowledge that God has given us things to know about God and use the means of recognition and grace.

God’s Glory in Creation

Jonathan Edwards says the purpose of creation is, in a word, “the glory of God.”. He said,

God’s joy comes from the image and participation of God’s beauty. God’s joy consists of the creature having the utmost respect for God, being satisfied in God, seeing the glory of God, respecting and loving God, and pleasing God.”.

Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan Edwards described this God’s character as “Disposition.”. This word comes from Aristotle’s “Hexis.”. Hexis refers to a situation in which a person is placed in a particular state or permanent position that has been done by practice.

Thomas Aquinas inherited his philosophy concept, and the concept of ‘Habitus‘ comes out. Habitus means nature, personality, and disposition. Using this concept, Jonathan Edwards states that God does not

appear as a fixed entity in its existence but has a tendency to reveal your intelligence and will constantly.

Like this, God reveals His existence through the creation of heaven and earth. Therefore, God is not only the cause of the product but also the purpose of design. And the exercise of that “Disposition” is to repeat God’s inner integrity, love, and beauty.

Creatures represent God’s Glory

God, who is forever complete, created heaven and earth to represent his inner fully realized beauty externally, in time and space. Humans and nature are involved in the work to that end. When humans are pleased to know God’s love and beauty through Christ, through that experience, God’s inner love and beauty are reenacted” in time and space.

However, Edwards argues that the work of “Representation” requires infinite time because God’s inner glory is infinite. The moment when the “play” is over is not coming.

God is not a time-bound man like us. Therefore, God knows everything beyond time. God sees all beings, all things, from a superhuman perspective, and all creatures are already in his intelligence.

God is pleased to see that everything that exists in your intelligence is realized in the time world. And you’re happy to see that the creative purpose embodied in your intellect is achieved in time.

The purpose of God’s creation

The purpose of God’s creation is experienced every day by us who resemble the image of God. So Jonathan Edwards saw the relationship between nature and humans as existentially dependent. That dependence is related to the purpose that God created the world.

In it, both man and nature are beings with the calling of “recreating” the glory of God in time and space. For that reason, the conservation of nature is also a religious task related to God’s purpose of creation.

According to Edwards, all creatures, man and nature, were created to Represent God’s inner beauty. Also, when achieving that goal, humans are fully realized, and nature is a truly realized nature. In other words, when humans are happy to know the beauty of God, they exist, and so is nature.

It is said that nature truly exists for the first time through human feeling and joy when a man with a proper attitude of mind by the Holy Spirit sees the heart and feels that God’s beauty is reflected in nature.

In it, God says that he governs humans with moral will according to the purpose of creating the world. He manages humans with a moral choice according to the purpose of making the world.

For this, God judges everything man has done between good and evil and controls humans to contribute to the purpose of creation with intelligence and will. I call this God’s moral rule.

God is interested in His most valuable creature

God is interested in His most valuable creature, the moral state of man. Because man was created as the only creature that could understand and love God’s purpose of making the world. The goal of God’s creation of heaven and earth is achieved by keeping the moral order established by God in human society properly.

When we think about these things, we think about the providence of God. As he says in this theism, God is not a person who only creates and abandons. Creation and providence are closely related. Bruce A. Ware says, “God is a man who governs everything that happens with a particular and rigorous interest.

God’s providence

God’s providence is that the universe does not run without control. Still, it guarantees us that human history will ultimately maintain and regulate everything they create to glory their great name and achieve their will.

If a revelation is “the will of visible God, “providence is “the will of invisible God.”.

Providence is different from a declared revelation in that it does not say in advance such things as its nature and its plan, the goals it aims for, and the judgment and punishment that a human will face and the consequences it will bring, but it reflects God’s thought and will.

Humans discover a certain extent of God’s moral will through the experience of individuals or history, which can happen to individuals through communal experiences such as the nation, the nation, and the church.

Providence is God’s nature of revelation

Also, providence is not a declaration of God’s will, but it has a nature of revelation in that it has a declarative nature to those who have learned this through providence. Therefore, because God has informed the world of your moral will, we can say that poetry is God’s will.

As such, providence means God’s protection and the world’s existence every moment, and if we emphasize creation, we fall into a hypothesis. If we ignore creation and providence, we’re likely to fall into pantheism, and so does design, and how comfortable we are when we hear the following words of John Flavel’s providence.

God’s providence does not create a situation that violates the intentions and promises of the Lord. God’s purpose and commitments aim only for the happiness of the saints. As the text says, “Achieving everything for me,” God’s providence achieves the goal and promise of God.

The Theory Of Evolution

The most influential figures in modern thought are the three people they are Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud, and Charles Darwin.

Professor Ernst Meyer an evolutionary biologist said that if they evaluate the impact of Charles Darwin on people’s view of the world until today in the 21st century they can’t surpass Charles Darwin.

Professor Meyer cites darwin’s influence on modern thought in six ways.

1.   Darwin Completely banished supernatural phenomena and causes in his explanation of biological understanding and natural history.

2.   Darwin rejected the typology of the ancient greek philosophy of classifying things according to their static nature.

3.   Darwin solved the explanation of biological understanding and natural history with the natural selection mechanism making teleological explanation Completely impossible.

4.   Darwin denied mechanistic determinism.

5.   Darwin established a new view of human nature.

6.   Darwin laid the scientific foundation for ethics.

Darwin’s ideas aren’t his own either. There have been theories like Lamarck’s Acquired Character and

Patrick Matthew’s Natural Selection.

Darwin was shocked by the publication of The Origin of Species which darwin had put on hold for 10 years. In 1859 when Zoologist Wallace devised a concept similar to Darwin’s natural selection. Darwin rushed to announce it.

The following year, Darwin’s presentation of the Origin of Species brought shockwaves from supersonic waves to the Victorian Era surrounded by the heir of the traditional Christian worldview.

His book threatened the entire biblical worldview of creation corruption and redemption which was incomparable to the Copernican Change which was merely changing the place of man and god in nature.

Now the world can no longer apply the Bible’s notion of human nature. Man is no longer a unique being that resembles the image of God but a product of Nature that has come to this day through the stage of evolution. Dominating nature is not God but God has lost his place in the universe of nature’s particular causal links.

Darwin’s theory inspired Karl Marx but Darwin himself was wary of this encounter between materialism and naturalism.

Even if you look at the records he left even though he was inclined to be agnostic in his later years. He gave the impression that he didn’t deny God’s existence contrary to evolution’s claim that Darwin’s theory will provide an ethical basis for preventing racism.

History shows that change denying God’s Providence and human dignity in the image of God has done fatal harm to ethics and morality.

Hitler’s Nazi Regime is an example of Evolution which has a profound impact on human life and has created a constant conflict between religion and science.

Evolutionists even disagreed in suggesting a solution to evil in which a group such as Nazism rationalizes the mass slaughter of other groups for its collective benefit.

In the meantime, the dualistic distinction is rooted in the modern idea that evolution deals with objective truth as a faithful spokesperson of science. Whereas religion only focuses on subjective values.

While there are methodological naturalists who try to avoid conflict between the two by leaving a place of religion like Gould.

There are metaphysical naturalists like Dawkins who recognized evolution as the only System of truth giving god no place in science and esoteric philosophy.

But from a religious point of view, the former leads to this Theism or Agnosticism and in the latter case Atheism.

Then religion only subjectively has its value. But it doesn’t mean anything to the metaphysics that explains the reality of the objective world.

The Christian community’s response to this was also different depending on Liberal theology, Conservative theology, and Liberal theology. Chose the Euchanian evolution that reinterprets the Bible’s interpretation of God’s Creation and Providence from an evolutionary point of view.

On the other hand, Conservative Evangelical Theology has firmly followed the Bible that God’s supernatural intervention created this universe and everything in it.


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