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Introduction: Sexual Sin in the Bible

Law is often translated into the Bible as the law, but it has so much more to it than that. The Hebrew word ‘torah‘, which means law, was mostly used for the Pentateuch. Taking a closer look at the law, you’ll find that it’s a set of guidelines, revelations, regulations, and words.

Laws formed during the exodus of the Israelites and the formation of an independent society are based on contracts with God, not contracts among people. According to Exodus 19:5, “If you keep my covenant, you’ll belong to me among the nations,” which shows the nature of the law.

There are four types of codes in the Pentateuch: one for contract, one for Deuteronomy, one for holiness, and one for ancestral rites. Code of conduct refers to the code of conduct recorded in Exodus, and code of conduct and ritual refers to the code of conduct recorded in Leviticus.

Sexual crimes can’t be left out of the law. Let’s see what kind of sex crimes are dealt with in the Bible’s code of laws.

Sexual Sin in the Ten Commandments

First of all, there are two commandments about sex crimes in the Ten Commandments. The seventh commandment is “Don’t commit adultery” and the tenth commandment is “Don’t covet your neighbor’s wife.”

In adultery, a man and a woman in an inappropriate relationship actually enter a sexual act, while a neighbor who covets the wife of his neighbor intends to have a sexual occlusion with her, regardless of the actual act. It goes without saying that we’re not supposed to covet, so we’re not supposed to have sex.

You can’t just love your neighbor’s wife in your heart because that’s against the Ten Commandments. Jesus said something like that. “You’ve heard I told you not to commit adultery, but I’ve told you that those who see women and curse have already done it.”

Sexual Sins in the New Testament

So Jesus combined the seventh and tenth commandments. Even if you commit adultery, you will be legally punished by the victim’s accusation, but in your heart, you’ve cursed your neighbor’s wife. The contract code says there must be a judgment of God because there is no legal punishment for such lust.

Due to the fact that all actions come from the heart, the tenth commandment also warns against adultery. Incest is prohibited in Leviticus 18, which corresponds to the Code of the Holy Holiness.

Their mother, stepmother, biological sister, granddaughter, half-sister, aunt, wife, daughter-in-law, and sisters-in-law of their father’s brothers aren’t allowed to incest.

Incest in the Bible

Among all the regulations, there’s an unusual incest ban.

Do not have sexual relations with both a woman and her daughter. Do not have sexual relations with either her son’s daughter or her daughter’s daughter; they’re close relatives.

Don’t commit the daughter when a man has sexual relations with a woman who has a daughter. When she had an occlusion with a woman with a granddaughter, she was told not to commit the same crime.

A formal wife has a rule that prohibits incest with her daughter, but a non-wife has no close relationship with her daughter. The woman and her daughter are in-breeding, so it’s natural to forbid a man from taking them together.

Why does God specify incest so clearly? Incest was done in public, as seen in the collapse of Sodom Gomorrah in Egypt, where the Israelites lived, or in Canaan, where they would live.

The customs of Egypt aren’t yours, but the customs and rules of Canaan aren’t yours, and you follow my laws and follow my rules. I am your Lord.”

Bestiality, one of the sexual sins in the Bible

There are also anti-homosexuality regulations after those against incest. In verse23, there’s a bestiality prohibition.

‘Don’t have sexual relations with animals and defile yourself with them. A woman shouldn’t present herself to an animal and have sexual relations with it.

Leviticus 18:23

This passage doesn’t mention punishment, but paragraphs 20:15 and 16 mention punishment for bestiality.

If a man lies with an animal, he shall surely be put to death, and you shall surely be put to death, and you shall kill animal.

If a woman approaches any animal and lies with it, you shall kill the woman and animal; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them.

Leviticus :15

When a woman approaches an animal to have sexual relations with it, kill both of them. Their blood will be on their own heads.

Living as nomads like the Israelites in the era of Judges, men are often away from their homes looking for grass to feed their flocks. In that case, men who are lonely for a long time may occlude against animals. Masturbating involves inserting penises into an animal’s anus. People still live as nomads in a society where bestiality is open.

There’s no doubt that women were also involved in this kind of bestiality. Additionally, the women stood in front of the animals and talked about sex and how they had it. Men did it behind the animals, women in front. The men wanted the back of the animals, and the women wanted the front.

Some scholars think venereal disease started with nomadic people’s bestiality. The AIDS virus, which threatens humans, was mutated from a virus originally found in African monkeys. AIDS may have entered the human body through monkey bestiality.


As nature’s logic dictates, humans who don’t have sexual occlusion will be punished. It must have been a strictly sexual society in Israel, which even executed animals for self-defense.

In our society, there are still people who should have died and disappeared based on the contract code or the Holiness Code. To clean up these human sins, there was a code of sacrificial rites. Upon becoming a scapegoat, Jesus completed the law of sacrificial rites, made it the old law, and declared a new law, the law of love.

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