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Intro: How God Guides Us Through Life

Christians are people who live in God’s guidance. However, many Christians don’t believe in God’s guidance. If I miss God’s guidance, what should I do? What if I misunderstand God’s plan? 2 Timothy 1: 1 says.

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for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.

Today, we’ll talk about how God guides Christians.

God’s guidance is based on his covenants, says Dr. James Parker. Christians are led to righteousness by Jesus, who calls himself a good shepherd.

Jesus saves and restores us when we get lost. Shock and sadness can accompany the recovery process.

But God always restores us. With the help of the Lord, our shepherd, we can take the right path again through the process of repentance and forgiveness, even if we’ve lived with misfortune for a long time.

As the starting point of the discussion, we’re going to dig into “God’s Guidance”.

God leads Christians into righteous ways

We’re led to righteousness by the Lord, a good shepherd. As James Parker says, our first mission is to lay down the essence of righteousness.

God’s righteousness comes from keeping His Word. Those who trusted and obeyed God would be blessed, and those who ignored and disobeyed him would be cursed.

God keeps his promises. A holy God has a righteous intention, and a holy God acts righteously.

Many of us understand it’s God’s guidance to identify God’s plans and make decisions within them.

We shouldn’t forget that God’s ultimate purpose is to lead us to righteousness when discussing God’s guidance.

We must make decisions that benefit others and please God.

It’s important to pursue righteousness centered on God and neighbors. We’re guided to do such a righteous thing by the Lord, a good shepherd. Then, how will the Lord lead us?

“Guide” has different meanings. In the dictionary, it means “to lead by holding hands, to teach the way, and to persuade”. So, what do we mean by guidance?

To start with, God gives his command through recorded words. God told us what to do and what not to do through the Ten Commandments and other laws based on them.

Through Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Jesus, and the Christian virtue mentioned in Epistles, God gave a word of revelation to the prophets to help the Israelites live the right life.

How God Guides Christian

As such, God allows him to have the heart of devotion to live by the Word and to humbly accept the power of the Word to change a life, allowing him the wisdom to discern his will through careful thinking in all circumstances God’s promise to lead us is, above all, a promise to give us discernment.

When there’s no leader to tell us, God shows us the way by taking care of the situation and guiding us in the right direction. Consider the situation in light of the Bible, and you’ll see God’s plan.

The apostle Paul talked about being “led” by the Holy Spirit. There’s nothing unusual about his words. Psalm’s prayers should be applied to life, he said.

Paul is saying to think deeply about the Bible’s teachings, accept other people’s advice and make common judgments based on faith to live out Psalm’s prayers. It’s hard to imagine how good God is to us. We need God’s guidance all the time.

“Leading” means that God gives us the sense to decide the direction of our lives so we can walk the right path.

As we seek and find God’s guidance, James Parker says we must be sure of care based on God’s covenant and grace.

Our God makes us obey His Word and gives us the wisdom to choose the right path so that we can please Him.

We’re honored when we give thanks and praise to God. Gratitude and praise in advance will help you discern God’s will when faced with a decision or choice, if you believe in God’s promise and give thanks in advance.


Christians don’t have to worry or distrust God’s guidance. Growing up in Christ is what Christians need to do to know God’s will.

It’s okay to make choices and decisions when you’re mature. Let’s not worry about what I do if I miss God’s guidance, where I am now, or what I’m doing now. God will indicate a direction that you can fully understand.

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