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Introduction: God’s Knowledge is Infinite

Hello and welcome back to our channel. Today, we will explore God’s knowledge and how it impacts our daily lives. 

God has always fascinated mankind. It is believed that God’s knowledge brings peace and understanding to our lives. 

In this video, we will dive deep into God’s meaning and how to apply this knowledge to our everyday lives.

God’s Knowledge

God’s knowledge is not limited to any specific religion or belief system. It is a universal concept that transcends all boundaries. 

It is said that God created everything, and the universe is a manifestation of His power. We will explore how different religions and cultures perceive God and His divine nature.

We will also explore prayer and how it helps us connect with God. Prayer is not just a ritual but a powerful tool that can help us overcome our fears and anxieties. We will discuss the different types of prayer and their significance.

Furthermore, we will look at faith’s importance and how it can transform our lives. Faith is not just a belief but a way of life. We will explore how faith in God can help us face difficult situations and emerge stronger.

Here, let’s learn how God’s knowledge differs from others. Puritan pastor Obadya Sezwick says that one of the ways to learn more about God is through creation and the Bible. 

Among them, the Bible knowledge is much better and clearer. This is what Herman Bavink saying.

“The Bible presents the living God before us and lets us see him in the things he has created with his hands. We have to raise our eyes and see who built all things. Everything was built with his hands, and created by his will and actions. His abilities support them all. Therefore, everything is a sign of his excellence and goodness, wisdom and power.”

The Knowledge of God

Herman Bavink says Jesus’ knowledge of God is different in knowing what is created, its origin and object, and its essence and effect.

First of all, it’s different from its origins. God’s knowledge depends entirely on Christ and other knowledge. We said earlier that God was the creator of all knowledge, and gave man the ability to produce knowledge in part.

But that knowledge is not enough to reach God’s glory, so humans find and pursue other knowledge. However, it has caused more thirst.

But sometimes such thirst and dissatisfaction led the Gentiles to find the perfect God. For the Israelites, they acted as false teachers who longed for Messiah.

And in God’s time, he sent Jesus Christ in God’s way. We can know God through Jesus Christ.

Secondly, the knowledge of God is different from all other knowledge on that subject. Just as Herman Bavink says, “The world is the revelation of God while concealing God,” other knowledge has become broader and more specialized, but it is still not enough to reach the absolute man.” 

As I said earlier, knowledge has deepened, but it has become narrow-minded, and knowledge’s life has been shortened and there are errors. But Christ is not bound by the limitations of all that knowledge. Herman Bavink told this story for us.

Knowledge is beyond our limits. But Christ, who saw his father and proclaimed him to us, spoke of that knowledge. We can count on him and his evidence is genuine and acceptable. So Oh Man, if you want to know who God is, do not ask the wise men or the scholars or the lawyers of this age. Instead, look at Christ and listen to him!”

The Knowledge of Jesus Christ

These origins and contents also determine the unique nature of knowledge that knows God, Bavink says.

“Jesus is not just information, but knowledge that becomes real knowledge.” Real knowledge here implies elements of personal interest, intervention and mental activity. But there is a possibility that you will have information about God that is inherently different from the true knowledge of Jesus’ God.”

Knowledge is when it ends with knowledge. To avoid such an error, Jesus Christ is the way and the truth. Herman Bavink says.

“The knowledge of Jesus Christ, who understood the truth, was always accompanied by doing the truth. Knowledge and love come together. Indeed, knowing God is not about knowing much about him. Rather, it is about looking at him in Christ, facing him in our lives, and in understanding his virtue and righteousness and holiness and his love and grace in the experience of our souls.”

We can guess the reason for modern people’s unhappiness, often called ‘knowledge society’ here.

Even if you live in an age where knowledge grows exponentially and knowledge becomes power, a resource, and capable, you never reach happiness. This is because life itself is not changed by knowledge.


In the end, humans will experience knowledge limits. Man’s true duty is to live in the awe of God and live according to his words. 

In this regard, Bavink says, “The knowledge of God itself is a new, eternal and blessed life.” So he says to the question of “man’s greatest purpose” in Westminster’s confession of faith, which we know so well, “Make God glorify and enjoy him forever.”

God’s knowledge is a powerful tool that brings meaning and purpose to our lives. It is a concept explored by philosophers and scholars for centuries. 

We hope that this video has given you a deeper understanding of God and how His knowledge impacts our lives.

Thank you for watching, and please like, share, and subscribe to our channel for more informative content. Until next time, stay blessed.

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