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Seven Reading Points to Read the Bible

The Bible is different from ordinary books. Reading the Bible means more than reading a book. To read the Bible well, you have to read it with the following mind.

This is not something that can be done overnight. You have to train without resting.

It is not easy to take this attitude of mind at once because our minds have been strong for a long time due to sin.

Pray and gradually make your mind good soil with the power of the Holy Spirit. That’s the best secret to listening to what the Bible says.

The Bible should be accepted and read as a spirit and a personality, not an object. For this, you have to remember the following and keep training.

One, read it with faith.

If you don’t have faith, you can’t hear the other person. The primary task in a conversation is to trust the other party.

When reading the Bible, faith in God is absolute. Depending on the degree of faith in God, the Bible can be seen or not.

Reading the Bible in the same way, some people are blessed and some are not touched. Even though I understand the content, such a phenomenon occurs. It depends on the degree of faith in God.

If you always appreciate God’s grace and believe in God while reading the Bible, you will have nothing to throw away.

As I realize that it is a word that everyone has given me, every word becomes precious.

This is why there are different reasons for reading the same words countless times. Other books are no longer read once read. But the Bible is new today even though it is a passage that I have seen hundreds of times.

Its meaning depends on the amount of faith. When reading the words of the cross, each person feels different depending on the degree of the person.

Even though it is the same phrase, it is different when reading it as I saw it when I was young and when I was old, and it is completely different from when I was a beginner. Remember. The Bible seems to love the Lord as much as it does. I can hear as much as I believe in the Lord.

A boy is reading the Bible.

Two, read with a mind resembling Christ.

When you read the Bible, it’s really important how you read it.

If I read to boast the knowledge of the Bible, I will see characters, numbers, geographical names, and difficult passages in the Bible. Something new and unique catches my eye.

Reading the Bible to take a test is different from just reading. Reading the Bible to prepare for the exam is different to enter the seminary. I read it with only the type of test in mind.

It’s a mistake to think that I finished reading the Bible with it. If you look at the Bible to serve a certain purpose, you can see no more than that.

A good Bible reading is to read with a pure heart, listening to what the Bible itself says.

The biggest purpose of reading the Bible is to resemble the Lord. It is to read the Bible to be like the Lord, think like the Lord, have a heart, and live like that.

Reading to achieve the goal of how many times you have read is different from reading the Bible to live according to the Lord’s will.

What happens when you read the Bible more than 100 times? There is only one thing. You are changing like the Lord.

There is nothing more exciting than this. Read the Bible drawing the Lord. Then you will soon feel that you have the heart of the Lord.

Three, read with words directed at me.

The Bible is an unusual book. The Bible is a book of the spirit. It is a book of the Holy Spirit.

The Bible knows exactly how I feel now. The Bible is reading my mind as if Jesus already knows the hearts of Pharisees and scribes.

The bible is always directed at me. When you read the Bible, you should always take it as a word for yourself.

It should not be reading the Bible to think of someone and criticize someone, or to quote the Bible to defend myself.

When we read books, we often read them to boast of my knowledge, defend and confirm my ideas. This is how you read a book when you write a paper.

When I read a book to use a base phrase to establish my theory, I stick to the part rather than the whole thing and quote only that phrase.

If we want to read and use the Bible like that, it no longer tells us wisdom.

There is no sign of our actions to reveal ourselves without awe of God.

If you really want to read the Bible properly, read it with words directed at me. The same goes for the characters in the Bible.

The Bible is not given to obtain materials or information or to enjoy the play of knowledge.

It is a book to change our minds. The story in the Bible is my story for everyone to shed light on me, whether good or evil.

It is not the right attitude to read the Bible to read only your favorite phrases except some.

Four, read while talking.

I can’t talk to an impersonal person. Conversations are made with personality. Of course you can have a conversation with your desk. But in the true sense, desks and conversations don’t happen. There is only one monologue.

The Bible is a book, but it is not an object. It is God who is personality. He is the one who says.

Reading the Word is meeting him and having a conversation.

The Word is not dead, but a living spirit. You’re talking to a person of intelligence, emotion and will.

When we read the Bible, we should do it with a conversational mind. You should have a conversation between the two sides to open your mind, read the Bible, listen to what the Bible says, ask what I thought, and find the meaning and answer it again.

Time to read the Bible means more than reading a book. It is a time of prayer to meet and talk to God, the Word. The time you read the Bible is a time of prayer.

We dichotomously separate the Bible from prayer. But the truth is one thing. It is the same thing as both sides of the coin.

I pray as I get to know the word and realize it. Jews have long viewed reading the Bible and praying as the same concept.

But we separate the Bible from prayer because of the dualistic influence of Greek philosophy.

Living things are organic. Only the dead are separated. Prayer of life and the word of life are one another.

From now on, let’s read the text with a conversational mind while reading the Bible.

It will feel like a word completely different from before, and at some point I will experience the Bible finally talking to me. This is the grace you experience when you read the Bible as a conversation.

Five, read as you understand while praying.

It is impossible to say that I know God. If God does not be with me first, I cannot know God and meet him.

How can bugs know the human mind and see the whole of human beings?

Likewise, God must appear first that we meet and know the great God.

We can only see as long as God shows us. You can’t see more than that.

When I read the Bible, I don’t see everything. I can finally read the Bible when it looks like the grace of the Holy Spirit.

I read it in letters, but I can’t know anything more than that. In this respect, the Bible is a book of revelation.

It’s not just a book written by a human being. The Bible doesn’t appear to me anymore when I say I can see it.

The Bible is a mysterious book. Therefore, when we read the Bible, we should read it while praying. You should read the Bible asking for help from the Lord and asking for the Word.

The Bible is not a book that I can read alone without the revelation of the Holy Spirit. You have to read as you understand.

A boy is reading the Bible.

Six, read in a posture of obedience to the word.

Would you give something good to someone who has a heart to take advantage of me?

God’s heart is like this. Let’s read the Bible with a submissive mind. The Bible seems to obey as much as it obeys.

Many people say that it is hard to read the Bible. No. The Bible is not difficult, but I am.

I am a difficult being before God. Those who have refused God for decades do not easily come to the Bible at a moment.

If you don’t understand the Bible well and don’t read it, it’s helpful to use it as an opportunity to look at my obedience.

What does it mean if there are still too many parts that you don’t understand while reading the Bible? That means there’s a lot more to obey.

Seven, listen and read

When you read the Bible, do not try to read and understand it, but try to listen to what it says first.

If you try to hear the voice of what the Bible says, you will understand and read well at some point.

In order to hear God’s voice while reading the Bible, we must eliminate prejudice against the Bible.

As mentioned earlier, we should get away from the notion of writing or books. You must read the Bible in spirit beyond letters, and furthermore, you must read it while feeling God who is present with personality and words.

Then I can hear what the Bible says. When you hear what the Bible says, you hear more than letters as you read the Bible, and you hear a lot of stories hidden in the Bible.

You don’t know how fun it is to experience this mystery. Of course, it is fun to read the Bible by this time.

One of the reasons why many people get bored reading the Bible is that they can’t see more than letters and are tied to them.

When you hear God’s voice while reading the Bible, it is easy to pray to God naturally.

Prayer is difficult because God’s voice is not heard. What can I say if I can’t hear you?

The reason why I have no idea what to say when praying is because I don’t know this principle. I can speak as much as I hear.

Let’s hear God’s voice and pray through the Bible from now on. You will pray as if time goes by, and the moment you read the Bible will be the time to pray.

Samuel, the man of prayer, became good at prayer because he learned to listen to God’s voice well.

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