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Have you even read the Bible? I suggest you do…

When reading the Bible, the first posture is also important. Whether you are learning tennis, table tennis, or golf, the first posture determines the rest. To speed up your development, you need to keep your posture right and exercise from there.

As with the basics, the posture is the same. You must construct your basic posture first, then add flesh to it, just as you would a building. In the same way, you shouldn’t simply read the Bible when you read it. Reading the Bible requires a certain posture.

First, you must learn and master it. The Bible has a unique posture in addition to its basic posture of reading. Without preparation, you don’t last long when you read the Bible.

A girl with headphones is reading a book.

The first: Revise your understanding of the Bible

It is a book, the Bible. To read the Bible, we must first organize the meaning of “reading books,” which we often misunderstand.

People don’t read books well because they haven’t thought about them deeply. You have not yet discovered the book’s amazing treasure.

Books are personal conduits and tools that meet the people who write them. Rather than reading books, people today listen to the author’s story through lectures or videos.

Through the book, we get to know the thoughts, minds, and values of the author. You get to know someone to some extent if you read a few books written by them.

The book is the author’s personal work. Readers enjoy good encounters with good books.

It is at those moments that we meet great people through reading the stories or writings of great people.

There are still thousands of people who want to talk to you in the book. Just thinking about it makes you happy, doesn’t it?

When you feel lonely, read a book. Among them, read the Bible. Then you will suddenly feel satisfied. I understand why Jews said to buy books by selling clothes. Even now, we need to properly check what it is to read a book.

Additionally, you don’t read books because you get tired of reading them first. Why is that so? It is common for people to associate books with studying.

When you read a book that is too difficult for a long time, you sometimes don’t understand it. My head throbs. There, I get tired of it.

The same misunderstanding occurs when studying the Bible. First of all, I hate how the language makes me feel when I say, “Let’s study the Bible.”

However, studying actually means a lot more than that. Studying in an intellectual sense is prejudiced.

The study originally meant intelligence, emotion, and will, not knowledge.

Studying involves reading a book and studying in the field as well. Studying is how you feel, think, and express yourself. Hanging out with friends and maintaining a good relationships is also studying.

A girl with headphones is reading a book.

The Second: Your reading attitude needs to be corrected

Let’s change the idea that books speak to me instead of reading them. Consider reading a person’s life rather than reading a book.

These books have been regarded as mere sources of knowledge and information and not their astonishing significance. From now on, let’s read a new book.

It is also important to have a positive attitude when studying. If you don’t have a good attitude, you won’t be interested in studying and will quit. Keeping your mind straight is the key to studying well. If you make up your mind, anyone can study well.

Reading the Bible is no different. The Bible is not just a book, but a life and a personality as well. A lot depends on how we treat the Bible with our hearts when we read it.

When you read the Bible, do you feel sleepy? It’s because you speak alone and the Bible doesn’t speak to you.

What if I told him to talk to the wall alone for an hour? However, if the Bible talks to me, I can’t sleep.

You will fall into the world of the Bible if you read the Bible while talking to it. Your heart is what matters most.

Since the Bible is spirit, it knows exactly how you feel. Through our minds, we see what kind of mind we have.

Don’t forget. The Bible is also closed when the heart is closed. Anyone can read the Bible, but only those with a heart to hear can hear what it has to say. I don’t think it has ears. The ears can only open when the mind is open.

Would you like to enjoy reading the Bible? Would you like to taste the sweetness of the Bible? Then you must behave properly.

After repenting, you should pray to the Lord for your heart and read the Bible. Doubts and qualms about God aren’t answered in the Bible.

Through prayer and humble love for God, you will learn more from the Bible than just letters if you look at yourself before God.

We will learn about 7 attitudes to read the Bible well next time.

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