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There are several words in the Bible to express illegal sex. Fornication is one of them. Fornication generally means illegal sex. Specifically, fornication is distinguished from adultery. In the Bible, lewdness and adultery symbolized idolatry, indicating Israel’s inadequacy for God.


Fornication means all kinds of sexual sin. On the other hand, adultery represents an unfaithful act against a spouse. Prophets and apostles who wrote the Bible used fornication to describe common sexual immorality.


Adultery is the act of a married person having sex with someone other than a married person.


Adultery was generally generous in a foreign culture, especially for men. A man was not punished for adultery unless he lived with another man’s wife or fiancée.


He stipulated that adultery should be stoned to death in the Old Testament, and it was strictly prohibited in the New Testament. He said it was not only an actor but also adultery to think and imagine. Then let’s find out how the church dealt with adultery in church history.


Heidelberg Catechism., written by Zacharias Ursinus, explains the seventh commandment of the Ten Commandments as follows.


What does the seventh commandment teach us? God curses all injustice.

So we have to loathe it from the heart, and it also teaches us, whether we are in a holy marriage or single, to live a quiet and neat life.


Does God forbid adultery and such vulgar sins only in this commandment?


Since both our bodies and souls are places of the Holy Spirit, it is God’s will that we keep our bodies and souls pure and holy.


Therefore, God forbids all hostile actions, gestures, words, thoughts, desires, and everything that attracts them.


God points to adultery as the most shocking and despicable evil of all sins against purity.


At the same time, he forbids and condemns all licensed lusts, whether married or unmarried.


It also bans all other misdeeds instead of purity, along with the causes, opportunities, effects, premises, and results.


Heidelberg Catechism categorizes concupiscence into three categories. Concupiscence is led by the things that God’s law forbids.

Adultery or adultery is the second desire among the three concupiscences. This second category of desire comes from our corrupt nature.

These include fornication committed by unmarried people, adultery committed by married people, and sex performed between married and unmarried people.


However, if a married person sexually encounters another person, it becomes double adultery because that person invades his and other people’s marriages.


You learned about fornication and adultery.


God’s giving the Ten Commandments to his children is an order to live like God’s children. Because the family is the smallest church, God does not want the family to collapse due to sin. Adultery is the most deadly and dangerous sin that destroys a family.

So God strictly forbids adultery between couples. Proverbs 6:32 and 33 say the following.

But a man who commits adultery has no sense; whoever does so destroys himself.

Blows and disgrace are his lots, and his shame will never be wiped away.

Whose sin is it the most?

First, I’ll give you a question before we start, so guess what. The following three types of people are in the church. Murderer, swindler, divorcee.

List the church members in the order they think is the biggest sin. Common sense, It’s the order of murderers, crooks, and divorcees. But it’s not like that when you see the church. Divorcees, murderers, crooks. Strangely. A divorced woman is treated as a bigger sinner than a convicted murderer in the church.


I’m not surprised. But getting divorced is a bigger crime than killing someone. Divorce is like a scarlet letter engraved on A’s shoulder to a female Christian. You may think like this. I didn’t commit adultery; how can I be treated worse than murder? You can’t even think of a remarriage


Remarriage is unthinkable because it is treated as an unforgivable sin in a divorced church.


However, the church does not teach the Bible about marriage, divorce, and remarriage. Divorce is equal to adultery and is treated as a sin greater than murder. So from now on, I will talk about marriage, divorce, and remarriage, which the Bible says.


Why I became interested in marriage, divorce, and remarriage, the Bible said.


There was a reason why I became interested in marriage, divorce, and remarriage, the Bible said. I got interested in the problem when I met my wife right away. Because when I met my wife, she was a divorced woman with a son in kindergarten. I thought about it soon after I met my wife.


Is it biblical to marry a divorced woman?

I found something unique at that time. Many books about biblical marriage, but not many books about biblical divorce and remarriage. This is evidence that the church only talks about marriage but pays little attention to divorce and remarriage.

The increasing divorce rate of church members.

However, the church can no longer be indifferent to the divorce and remarriage of believers because of the increasing divorce rate of church members. This is because the church does not teach about divorce and remarriage.

What do you mean? As I studied. As I learned about divorce and remarriage, marriage came closer than ever. In other words, the higher the understanding of divorce and remarriage, the deeper the understanding of marriage. So the church is more responsible for talking about divorce and remarriage than marriage.


The believer wanders like a shepherdless lamb since the church does not discuss biblical divorce and remarriage. Their marriage is shaken, and their lives are surprised by it.


It’s the church’s fault. So the church needs to teach Bible about divorce and remarriage. Only then can you see God’s plan for marriage more clearly.


Before I start the story, I’d like to introduce a book. This book had the most significant influence on my decision to marry my wife. It’s a book called <Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage> by theologian Jay. E. Adams.


Pastor Adams says in the preface of the book. Most pastors face difficult questions to solve every week but don’t know how to deal with them. God didn’t let us do as we thought.


God gave the correct words and sufficient justification for the problems related to marriage and divorce. Our problem is, therefore, not a matter of revelation. However, the pastor and the church only overlooked this point.


I will talk about my wife again. There were two main reasons why my wife divorced her ex-husband. One is extramarital affairs, and the other is violence. A spouse’s extramarital affair is the most apparent reason for divorce that the Bible allows.


But at first glance, the Bible suggests not to get divorced. The church emphasizes this point more and more. But don’t get divorced.


The other is violence. Is it right to tell a female believer who lives with a violent husband not to divorce? The husband’s violence is getting stronger and may harm the wife’s body and life.


But don’t divorce your husband. That’s God’s will. I wonder if saying this is biblical and is by God’s will. Then God seems like a sadist for some reason. That’s not true.


What I felt after reading the book was that God’s will was clear, but the narrow door was still open. I will think and share what the Bible says every week about marriage, divorce, and remarriage.


I joined Reddit’s Christian marriage community, and surprisingly, not a few couples had difficulty in relationships. Among them, some teams are considering divorce.


As children of God, we need to go before God with our problems. Just as in the Old Testament, the Israelites went to the altar with offerings.

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