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Why Church turned a blind eye to the issue of Christian divorce and remarriage?

You’ve heard the story of Kelly. She married with an unexpected pregnancy, but her marriage wasn’t going well. Now she lives separately from her husband with her mother in her hometown. She met a new man, Brandon, there. She’s starting to like him, but there’s a problem she hasn’t solved yet. That is how to resolve her relationship with her ex-husband. What would you do?

The church has left the most sensitive issue unanswered

Dr. Scott Peck says life is a continuation of problems. He said that life depends on how many problems you solve. Problems are constantly happening to you and me, Christians. So it goes without saying the Christian community.

But so far, the church has left the most sensitive issue unanswered. The problem that the church has left unanswered is nothing but the point of Christian divorce and remarriage. God gave the Bible enough revelations to solve the issues of Christian marriage, divorce, and remarriage.

But the Church didn’t want to know it properly, nor did it wish to apply it to the marriage, divorce, and remarriage of Christians. Meanwhile, the suffering of Christians suffering from unhappy marriages has only increased.

We have long ignored the realm of marriage and divorce, uncritically accepting local or sectarian traditions. Most of that tradition has sidestepped the most critical issues. We are at a loss. The number of couples who divorce socially is increasing. Christians are no exception to that. Christian divorced families are increasing.

The church should present a biblical view of Christian marriage, divorce, and remarriage.

The church should present a biblical view of Christian marriage, divorce, and remarriage. So Christians should not suffer from their marriage, divorce, and remarriage problems. So let’s get down to the issue of Christian marriage, divorce, and remarriage.

Anyone who tries to study marriage and divorce biblically finds that theologians fundamentally interpret the problem. The church’s view of Christian remarriage after divorce can be divided into three categories. The view is that a Christian can’t remarry after a divorce. The view that Christian remarriage after divorce is limited. The view is that Christian remarriage after divorce is unlimited.

So when we talked about Christian divorce, there were more attempts to understand divorce psychologically than to interpret the Bible seriously when we tried to understand the Bible. I can understand why the pastor hesitates to solve the problem of remarriage after the divorce of a Christian. It’s hard for a pastor to study all those perspectives.

towering church cross spireGod has given us enough revelations to solve the issues of Christian marriage, divorce, and remarriage

However, the problems faced by Christians cannot be neglected. Fortunately, God has given us enough revelations to solve the issues of Christian marriage, divorce, and remarriage. We have to learn how to discuss the basics of marriage and divorce first.

If Christians do not discuss marriage and divorce and set the proper standards, the world’s values will cover the church. If we do not do that now, all matters of Christianity will collapse. And in a world that hasn’t been saved because of concepts against Christian values, our next generation will follow the teachings of the world on issues like this rather than the teachings of the Bible. This doesn’t seem right.

We live in an ever-changing culture. I live in an era where all old values are being challenged. Old values are shaking inside and outside the church. Now the church can no longer avoid the issue of divorce and remarriage. That’s the reality. Today, several questions and crises about such problems are calling for solutions. From now on, I will talk about marriage, divorce, and remarriage, as the Bible says.

Does God allow divorce?

Christians have problems as much as they live in a corrupt world. Christian marriage also has problems. Even if religions are the same, it is not easy for people with entirely different backgrounds and tendencies to meet and live. This causes problems between couples.

It is good to live in faith and love to solve the problems between couples. But it’s not that easy for people to live. Many couples live with unresolved problems. It’s because the church says Christians should not divorce. Such a married life can’t be happy.

Then wouldn’t the Bible admit the divorce of a couple?

Theologian Jay Adams says in his book that divorce is biblical. So the Bible admits divorce and adjusts it. This word is essential. God did not tell us to live with human problems in marital relationships. God doesn’t want your family to be hell.

In the past, We learned that marriage is not for childbirth or sex but a partnership. But if the family is like hell, wouldn’t it be better to live alone? The Bible is not silent about divorce. God does not blame divorced people for no reason like the modern church.

The evidence is in the Book of Jeremiah 3:8.

She saw that for all the adulteries of that faithless one, Israel, I had sent her away with a divorce decree. God does not blame or hate all divorces. God does not hate divorces based on the principles and regulations of the Bible. However, God hates the consequences of divorce for his children and wounded divorcees.

The Christian’s negative thoughts about divorce are not biblical.

The Christian’s negative thoughts about divorce are not biblical. The reason why they think of divorce negatively is because of their thoughts. Because they grew up in a culture of denying divorce. Christians should not deny the divorce that God reading the bible

In the Bible, there are lists of sins that God hates. Drunkenness, idolatry, murder, homosexuality. But there is no divorce among the list of sins God hates. But the church teaches that divorce, which God has never mentioned, is a sin God hates. Divorce is not an unforgivable sin. But the pain caused by divorce is inevitable.

It’s like Heavy Smoker before Christians believed in God, but his lungs don’t clean up because he quit smoking after converting. The church should not say that those who God has cleaned are unclean. It is that the church sins against God.

The Bible says that there is only one unforgivable sin, a sin of blasphemy to the Holy Spirit. God forgave divorce in the past, forgave it in the present, and forgave it in the future.

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