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Gender in the Bible: Why did god create men and women differently?

There is an article with this title on the blog site Medium. 1. 2 billion men don’t know where the clitoris is located. 360 million women have never had an orgasm.

Men are not the only ones who are ignorant of women’s bodies. Women are also ignorant of their bodies. In one study when a woman was asked to draw her genital organ. There was no clitoris in the paintings of many participating women.

Why does this happen in a modern society full of information? The reason is simple. This is because both men and women do not want to know about themselves as well as the body of the opposite sex.

Your sexual problems can be solved

Christian counselor Ed Wheat says the Problems of Christian couples ignore or rationalize their sexual difficulties. So that they believe their current state is normal sex without making any effort to resolve it.

As we know well men are easily excited and quickly deflated. On the other hand, women get excited slowly and slowly lose their excitement.

There would be no problem if men and women had the same sexual excitement cycle. So why did God create men’s and women’s bodies differently? Have you ever had this kind Of question?

No matter how you may feel I pay tribute to God’s wisdom for making men’s and women’s bodies different. Think about it. How monotonous and mechanical would their sex be if men and women had the same sexual cycle?

Your sexual problems can be solved

Knowing each other is the solution

There is no process or change there is always only the same way and process. So God created the bodies of men and women differently.

The other one is not wrong when you know and understand the difference between men and women. A couple’s sex becomes dynamic and changeable. This is the will of God through the process of men getting to know women.

And women getting to know men. Each other’s understanding and love get deeper and wider. This is the process of men and women forming one body.

Knowledge is needed here. Trial and error follow through that process stories are created between couples and love deepens.

Isn’t God’s wisdom like this amazing? Physical time doesn’t solve your problem. Only Chemical time can solve your problem.

Your marital relationship can get better that is God’s will for the couple so try to get to know your wife and husband. It’s a thick book that your wife and husband haven’t opened yet you only read the cover of a book.

Your spouse is a book not to be opened

So please reach out and open the book. Marriage and faith have something in common. Marriage is the first step in the process of getting to know each other.

Salvation is the starting point of the process of getting to know God. Getting married doesn’t mean you know your spouse well. Just because you are saved does not mean that your faith is completed. You’re just ready to stand on the starting line and run.

From now on I hope you start your journey to find treasures hidden in god’s marital relationship. There are many maps in the library that help you find treasures on google and youtube.

Isn’t it surprising that there are so many sexually ignorant adults in modern times when information is easier than ever?

To Christian wives who don’t know about orgasm

There is a universal sexual pleasure that God has planned for all wives. However, many wives do not feel such sexual pleasure properly.

What’s wrong? There are several reasons. One of them is because of the wrong idea of sanctity. Some Christians mistake asceticism for sanctity. They forget that sex is God’s work and gift.

Therefore, You can’t even properly experience orgasm, the biggest sexual pleasure. Christians have to think. If orgasm is the greatest joy of sex. And sex is God’s creation and gift. A Christian wife should experience orgasm better than anyone else.

Christians should know that properly experiencing orgasm is also part of holiness.

If you, who are still a Christian wife, have not experienced a proper orgasm with your husband. Please pay attention to this post.

The reason why the wife cannot experience orgasm is because of insufficient marriage preparation, frustration, and fear experienced during her honeymoon.

The disappointment with her husband and the tedious marriage she experienced in her marriage ruin her wife’s sexual desires.

If you want to experience orgasm in sex with your husband, first you should know that sex is God’s creation and gift.

You need to break down the barriers of your mind to sex and orgasm so that you can experience real sexual pleasure.

Humans don’t exist only by their bodies. Humans have souls as well as bodies. If it’s a physical problem that you don’t feel orgasm, you should consult a doctor.

In addition, it is also necessary to consult a doctor to have sexual problems due to poor sexual experience in childhood. You have to be active in solving the physical and mental problems you have. Why did God allow sex to couples?

Sex is a process. Sex itself is a process, but it also takes a process to have sex.

Usually, there is no smooth sex when a couple has no conversation or physical contact. Before a couple can have sex, there must be close communication and contact between husband and wife.

Through that process, the wife loves her husband more and feels a deeper intimacy with her husband.

Love and intimacy with a husband increase the joy of sex.

The sexual mechanism between husband and wife is different. Differences between men and women prevent sex from becoming monotonous. Couples need a process of getting to know each other and paying attention to each other’s needs and needs.

There is one important point here. Don’t let orgasm be the target of sex. The destination of sex is not orgasm.

An orgasm just plays a role in relieving stress from sex. The wife’s goal is to enjoy the satisfaction provided by her husband and reach her orgasm. The goal should be for a couple to experience satisfaction through sex. It is sex for couples to learn how to entertain and please each other.

Couples talk with their bodies through sex. I hope you think about why God allowed sex to couples and why he allowed orgasms. No wonder you’ve never experienced an orgasm. If you still haven’t felt orgasm in sex with your spouse, the couple should seriously find and solve each other’s problems.

Recently, there have been various shows about divorce on Korean broadcasts. In the shows, divorced people gather together to find someone to remarry. It also tests a divorced celebrity couple to maintain a good relationship even after divorce.

There are some couples who are divorced yet but have unhappy marriages. They got divorced for their happiness. No one gets married to divorce. However, they got divorced because their marriage was unhappy. They appear on TV and talk about how hard their marriage was.

They say they got divorced because their marriage was killingly painful. Unfortunately, that should be in heaven that turns into hell. No one who dreams of marriage would have thought that their marriage would be unhappy.

Why did their marriage become unhappy?

What can I do to prevent an unhappy marriage? Today, I will think about this problem. There is a saying in the Korean proverb. There is no grave without excuses, which means that there is a cause for all the consequences.

Are your love and marriage unhappy? Then there is a reason why your love and marriage are unhappy. There are three reasons why your love and marriage are unhappy, as the authors of Victims of Love say.

A man and a woman are sitting with their backs in pain.
Why did their marriage become unhappy?

First, they are irrationally attracted to any person or relationship.

They lost control, like drug addicts and alcoholics. For them, relationships are like inseparable drugs.

Second, they can’t get out of a relationship.

They want to break off their relationship, but they can’t. After they get divorced after hanging out with a trashy man, they meet and break up with similar men again.

Third, they try to fill themselves in through people or relationships.

And there are differences in degree, but they all lack self-esteem. They are longing for someone to fill their void. Many modern people don’t know much about love. The same goes for Christians.

They don’t know what love is. I don’t know which one is true love. They mistake an addictive relationship Similar to love for love.

If they can’t get away from those thoughts and relationships, they’ll never have a happy marriage. Next time, let’s find out

A woman you should avoid

I saw a very impressive feed on Instagram today. In the background, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard were standing side by side. The following text was written on the picture.

Reminder: The Person you marry is the biggest financial decision you make. The Right person will lead to prosperity. The wrong person will lead to ruin.

Non-Christians know the importance of marriage. As such, marriage is the most important decision in life for Christians and non-Christians. The most important decision of marriage is the choice of the spouse.

What kind of wife should a single Christian man meet? As a Christian unmarried man, there is the best way to know which wife you should marry. The Bible is to know which wife not to meet.

Then what kind of woman does the Bible say not to meet? The Bible says not to live with a woman who is particularly quarreling. I give the same admonition, especially in the three chapters in Proverbs.

First, let’s read the words of chapter 19:13.

A foolish child is a father’s ruin, and a quarrelsome wife is like the constant dripping of a leaky roof.

Next is verse 21:9.

Better to live on a corner of the roof than share a house with a quarrelsome wife.

Lastly, it is 27:15 and 16.

A quarrelsome wife is like the dripping of a leaky roof in a rainstorm; restraining her is like restraining the wind or grasping oil with the hand.

What kind of woman is she arguing with? Dissatisfaction with her husband begins with resentment and complaint at first. As it grows bigger, it leads to violent language mixed with anger.

There is no respect or consideration for her husband. The Bible says it is better to live alone in the wilderness than to live with such a woman.

Living with a woman who fights like that is a pain for her husband. First Corinthians 13:4 says

Love is patient, love is kind.

Galatians 5:22 and 23 say as follows.

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Against such things, there is no law.

As such, an unmarried Christian man should meet a gentle woman full of the Holy Spirit.


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