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Intro: What are the benefits of Bible Study?

Even if you have been to church for a long time, not many people have Bible study properly. What are the benefits of reading the Bible for Christians? Since I converted from a Buddhist to a Christian, I have read the Bible more than 20 times. Why should Christians read the Bible? Christian socialization and knowledge of God cannot be fully achieved without reading the Bible. In this regard, Ernst Wilhelm Theodor Herrmann Hengstenberg says the following.

Even in depravity, humans still retain traces of God’s image, so they are aware of their original blessed state and long to return to it. The supreme purpose of human existence is to form a coalition with creator, but that alone was not enough. As a result, he was able to accept help from above. Man has the potential to return to God through it, but it alone cannot be the cause.

In the first place, depraved humans are incapable of regaining the lost communion with God. The fact that God intervened in the recovery of this depraved human being is evident through experience and observation. The point is that man cannot meet God’s demands for holiness and righteousness on his own, not to hate goodness and lean toward evil. But you can’t know anything for sure without experiencing God’s intervention. Before we can reflect on God’s plans and methods for saving humans, we need to know exactly what he has planned and practiced. Additionally, even after God’s plans and methods are introduced, a priori arguments cannot prove whether the method is possible or essential. As a result, the method was rooted in God’s nature.

The very fact that the method was adopted and used shows that it was inevitable. God is not a person who does something he should not do or does not have roots in himself. According to the Bible, the way it is revealed is inevitable, and it is also possible. The Bible teaches us that. Our own experiences also teach us that. Through the Bible, not human reason, we will be more convinced that the means God has provided for salvation can effectively heal the diseases of our souls the more we equip ourselves with these means.

A church that abandoned God’s knowledge

Consequently, we live in an era where knowledge is becoming more and more important in society. There is only such an active discussion of knowledge outside of the church. The church, by the way, is far from this. He has anti-knowledge tendencies, on the contrary. Influences come in many forms. The first thing they do is separate faith from reason. Second, they are divided into pastors and ordinary Christians. Pastors and theologians should be the only ones who study theology. According to theologian Wayne Grudem.

In my opinion, Christian doctrine, or systematic theology, needs to be much better understood by the church today. There is a need for all members of the church to understand theology in greater depth, not just pastors and teachers. In God’s grace, one day we may have churches full of Christians who can discuss, apply, and live the doctrinal teachings of the Bible as readily as they can discuss the details of their own jobs, hobbies, or favorite sports teams. Christian doctrine is not difficult to understand; it just needs to be accessed in an understandable way by the modern world. As a result, I believe many Christians will find that understanding (and living) the doctrines of Scripture is one of their greatest joys.

The “most feared epidemic” in modern Christianity has recently emerged, according to Luther. It is a faith that ignores the Bible and knowledge in favor of experience alone. He overestimated man’s ability to recognize God because he focused only on God’s inscrutability.

Christianity can be enthusiastic about faith only through experience without knowledge, but such faith heats up for a while and then cools down. This means that you cannot look at God, live as a believer, change anew, and be true to God’s character at the same time.

It is not possible to make internal changes. The Holy Spirit is known through a history of knowledge. Moreover, establishing a church requires knowledge of the truth. This requires knowledge. The lack of knowledge of a Christian is detrimental to both the individual believer and the church as a whole. Martin Luther predicted this long ago. Let’s listen to what he has to say.

Over the course of my life, I have witnessed the most fearful epidemics. A heinous epidemic that surpasses all other epidemics in the world is contempt for God’s Word. It is clear that all kinds of eternal and practical punishment will follow. Thus, if a man suffers a bitter plague and a curse, I hope he will despise God’s word. Then all the plagues and curses will pour out at once, causing pain and misery both inside and outside of him. It is the beginning of God’s punishment to despise his word. Lot, Noah, and our Lord all lived during such times.

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