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The Biblical Marriage Advice

Marriage is a system created by God, not by humans, and marriage is not for childbirth or sex. We are learning biblical marriage to know biblical divorce and remarriage.

When we misunderstand God’s idea of marriage, there will be problems in our marriage. It’s similar to the difficulties you face when you go to another country with an American cultural background.

So you have a question. What is marriage for if marriage is not for sex or childbirth? The answer to this question is in Genesis 2:18.

The LORD God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him.” – Study Bible- In short, the purpose of marriage is to solve the problem of loneliness.

Genesis 2:18.

The purpose of marriage is to make the spouse not lonely

To be more precise, the essence of marriage is a partnership. To put it simply, keeping your spouse from being lonely is the essence of marriage. Therefore, if your spouse feels lonely, you have abandoned God’s will because the essence of marriage is not to make your spouse desolate.

God has made most of us feel lonely when we don’t have an intimate companion to live with. So the Bible expresses marriage as a partnership. A partner is a person who is intimately united in thought and goal, planning and effort.

What is the Biblical Love and Marriage

Entering a marriage relationship means that husbands and wives must aspire to meet each other’s needs

for the partnership for everyone. Love is to provide the collaboration that the spouse needs to eliminate the loneliness of the spouse in marriage. If you fundamentally mistake God’s teaching about marriage, it is natural to misunderstand what God said about divorce and remarriage.

Therefore, enjoying your own life, leaving your spouse alone, and using verbal abuse and violence against your spouse is a sin of breaking the partnership set by God.

There is a saying When in Rome, do as the Romans do. The same goes for the Bible. To understand the Bible, you have to understand Israeli culture when the Bible was written. To understand biblical marriage and apply it to modern times, we need to know how the marriage culture of the United States today is different from that of Israel thousands of years ago.

The engagement culture in the Bible is unique. Modern engagement is not binding. But at that time, Israel’s engagement was legally binding. Because they already had an engagement at the engagement stage, the only thing that could break the engagement was death or divorce, and if the fiancée had sex with someone else, they were stoned to death. Like this, the Bible treats sex with another person during engagement as adultery. There was no distinction or difference between marriage and engagement at that time.

Look at the Gospel of Matthew depicts the moment Mary conceived Jesus. Joseph was engaged to Mary, but he didn’t have sex. But the Bible says Joseph is Mary’s husband. The two things you can see here are that marriage is established as a covenant, not sex, and the other is that engagement is no different from marriage.

Mary, who was pregnant with Jesus, could have died under Israeli law at that time. But Joseph tried to end his marriage by divorce. This fact means a lot. God did not see anything terrible about replacing divorce with being stoned or breaking off a marriage due to illegal sex.

Marriage is not sex but a contractual agreement

This alone shows that marriage is not sex but a contractual agreement, and marriage is a formal agreement between the two people that they will be partners for the rest of their lives. Marriage is not just about being with others. Marriage aims to fill my spouse’s loneliness.

Next is Proverbs 2:17.

Who forsakes the companion of her youth and forgets the covenant of her God.

Proverbs 2:17.

Malachi 2:14 says as follows.

But you say, “Why is he not? Because the LORD was witness between you and the wife of your youth, So whom you have been faithless, though she is your companion and your wife by covenant.

Malachi 2:14

These two verses explain one aspect of the Bible.

Abandoning a spouse is abandoning God’s covenant, a marriage the Bible says is made through a contract, not a sexual union. Still, the two begin to achieve all the covenant relationships when they live together after the marriage.

What are the fruits of marriage?

So what are the fruits of marriage? The best biblical word for the partnership that constitutes marriage is the helper. Your husband sees the world in your wife’s eyes, and your wife sees the world from a completely different perspective. It widens your world. Marriage through a covenant fills the gap between

the two and solves the problem of loneliness. Marriage means more than just being together.

The partnership given by the covenant of marriage is a partner, an intimate relationship that allows them to share in-depth stories when they work together. The union of marriage is the closest and most intimate of all relationships, and it will enable them to think, act and feel like one person, expand their lives, and identify with each other.

The marriage God planned for a husband and wife is to become one in all areas of their relationship, intellectually, emotionally, and physically. The partnership covenant promises to meet these needs, so you should not share your intimate story with anyone other than your spouse. This is the essence of Genesis 2:25.

What does the Bible say about Christian marriage problems?

You may be having a hard time with your marriage. Why is there a problem with the marriage of a Christian who should be peaceful and harmonious? God would not want his children to suffer from marriage problems.

The reason why Christian marriage has a problem is that they don’t know precisely about biblical marriage. This problem is significant. Misunderstandings about biblical marriage cause problems in Christian marriage. Misunderstanding biblical marriage is an obstacle to remarriage after divorce.

There is a saying in Hosea 4:6.

A lack of knowledge destroyed my people.

Hosea 4:6

God gave the Bible a clear revelation about marriage, divorce, and remarriage, and Christians suffer because they do not have that knowledge.

To be free from your current problems, you need to know biblical marriage, divorce, and remarriage. In

John 8:32, Jesus speaks. Then you will see the truth, and the truth will set you free. “

As a Christian, is your marriage hard and painful? Then take it seriously: Do I know exactly what the Bible says about the truth of marriage?

Christians suffer from divorce and remarriage because of a Christian misconception about biblical marriage.

Understanding biblical marriage is also about understanding biblical divorce and remarriage because divorce is the disintegration of marriage; you need to know how divorce works and how it dismantles marriage.

For example, some people argue that divorce doesn’t necessarily dissolve the marriage. Still, it’s not biblical at all; it’s not academic, has important and practical implications for life, and is inevitable for any Christian. Still, you have to know how to get married to solve that problem.

Then what is marriage?

First, God created marriage; you have to know that the right to dismantle marriage lies not with man but with God. God had a clear meaning of marriage in the Bible: You can marry, divorce, and remarry.

Just follow God’s instructions on how and how to marry, divorce, and remarry without sinning, and it’s all possible.

Second, marriage is not an ancillary institution but a primary institution. Third, childbirth is not a fundamental feature of marriage.

I want to highlight this point. Keep in mind marriage is not an institution for childbirth. Marriage doesn’t exist for birth. Don’t be confused, Christians; you’re married, and you may not have children. But your wedding shouldn’t be shaken.

Fourth, marriage should not be equated with sexual relations.

Here’s the Christians are mistaken, which is to equate marriage with sex, the purpose of marriage is not by sex, marriage is not by sex, you know, marriage is by covenant, not by sex.

Marriage is a union of duty and pleasure, but a sexual union doesn’t necessarily mean marriage. Marriage is different from a sexual union.

If it’s like marriage and sexual union, the Bible cannot talk about adultery, which is no longer adultery. Marriage is distinct from sexual union throughout the Bible, and marriage and adultery are not the same things.

Some say that adultery dissolves marriage because an affair leads to a new marriage. Still, it’s not a biblical argument: a wedding is established as a pledge, not as sex. A biblical marriage occurs when a man and a woman exchange vows with God and enter a covenant relationship.

Adultery causes great conflict in marriage, but it does not dissolve marriage itself. Sex cannot form or break marriage in itself. Not creating a sexual union is necessary to correctly understand marriage, divorce, and remarriage. Marriage is distinct from sexual union. Remember that.

I know you’re curious about biblical divorce and remarriage. But to understand biblical divorce and remarriage, you have to know precisely what biblical marriage is.

So let’s find out more precisely what biblical marriage is in the next post. I hope you know precisely what

biblical marriage is so that your wedding will become stronger and healthier in God.

How to Find your Biblical Christian Spouse

Find your Biblical Christian Spouse

Christians are unique beings. In life, the standard of choice is the word of God. Marriage is the most crucial choice in life. There are many choices you make in your life. Work, friends, jobs. The most important choice is to choose your spouse. Let’s find out what a biblical spouse is.

What kind of person is a Christian?

A Christian is a person who leaves everything to the Lord. For Christians, the same goes for marriage. God is the one who leads your marriage. Young people at the right age of marriage should understand what the Bible says about marriage.

So today, let’s learn about the biblical spouse, which is the beginning of your marriage. The Christian couple’s Prototype is a church. Jesus Christ and the church are two persons but mysteriously unite into one person and one body.

When we say that we are the body of Christ, we do not give up our consciousness and individual personality. Instead, it is the holy body of Jesus Christ whose individuality has become more apparent. This is the church. Also, this relationship is the Christian couple’s Prototype.

I will read the words of Ephesians 5:22 through 24.

Wives, submit yourselves to your husbands as you do to the Lord. 23 For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior. 24 Now, as the church submits to Christ, wives should also submit to their husbands in everything.

Ephesians 5:22 – 24

This means that the wife should do her husband as the church does to Christ. There may be a woman who might be dissatisfied with this. But what’s impressive is that Paul has more advice to give her husband.

What does this mean? What’s the difference between loving your child or friend and your spouse? Loving your children and friends is loving your children and friends.

But to love your spouse is to love yourself, says the Bible. The Bible says that his wife is not an enslaved person’s subservience but an unconstrained person’s submission. This is what the Bible says about obedience.

Some facts were judged and confirmed by the will of the Lord. Then the church is willing to devote and obey its individuality and personality to the will of the Lord. This is the principle that the church obeys Christ, and the smallest church, the family, follows this principle.

The most representative Bible words about marriage are Genesis 2:21 and 22.

So the Lord God caused the man to fall into a deep sleep, and while he was sleeping, he took one of the man’s ribs and then closed up the place with flesh. Then the Lord God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, bringing her to him.

Genesis 2:21 – 22

After Adam was created, Adam’s wife was created while performing God’s mission. Think about the meaning this fact gives you. This is what the Bible calls the mystery of marriage.

When a man met his wife, he was a different person, but God allowed men and women of different personalities to exist as flesh, as one body, so that a wife and a husband become one body.

The Eve created by Adam’s ribs has a decisive influence on Adam. Ribs alone are meaningless, but he could lead Adam to destruction or eternal life when God gave him one personality.

This should be noted by married Christian women or unmarried Christian women. Your careless words have a significant influence on your boyfriend and husband. Men who love their wives or girlfriends are affected by what women say.

women should be careful. So women should be careful when talking to men. Imagine a big ship. The big Ship changes direction according to the tiny movement of the Key. Marriage is the same. In particular, a husband’s life changes according to his wife’s words. Today, I studied biblical spouses.


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