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Our hearts receive God’s truth, and we believe it not only externally but internally as well. The Holy Spirit fulfills this ministry. In summary, Luther explained this point as follows.

It is impossible for the Holy Spirit to speak without words.

In the Word and through the Word, the Holy Spirit speaks.

You must listen to the external word of the Holy Spirit and not ignore it, because they are always accompanied by the Word. It is the Holy Spirit who enables us to speak in us. As a result, the Holy Spirit’s ministry is 100% dependent on the Word.

Through the Word, the Holy Spirit works in the heart, proving that it is God’s Word.

Holy Spirit does not work alone without words, but rather through and in words. Our hearts can serve Christ through it.

Through satisfying the human mind and controlling the person, it makes you feel connected to the Holy Spirit and acknowledges his authority.

Although God works with the Holy Spirit through the Word, he does not delegate the power of the Holy Spirit to the Word, but rather works freely through the Word in an appropriate manner in certain circumstances.

Man is always totally dependent on the Word of God when he accepts the spirit of God. With the external words, man must stop, endure, and wait, believing that God will deal with him only through the Word and give him his spirit soon.

A bright light shines on the Bible over the Pulpit

Luther’s theology reveals this point clearly. Let’s listen to what he has to say.

In the hands of the Holy Spirit, the word of God is absolutely indispensable to the soul and spirit. Since the soul was created for the Word, it cannot live without it. It is possible for the soul to live without everything else, but not without words. When a soul has a word, it does not need anything else. In the Word, it discovers the essence of all goodness, and thus finds full satisfaction. Therefore, the Word has absolute authority over the Word. It is only the Word of God that determines and rules the soul, not any other terrestrial authority. God’s word is eternal. Everything in the world cannot compare to it. Words have dignity and freedom.

As a result of the Reformation, Sola Scriptura means that the Bible is the only source of authority for Christians and churches.

During the Reformation, the church insisted that it be given separately from the Bible. In Luther’s view, the Bible was meaningful in light of Christ, who was reflected in the Bible, and it was meaningful because the Holy Spirit had a role to play in making the Bible meaningful.

Because the Bible revealed the living God’s word to a variety of humans, it was the word of God. Thus, I believed that the Bible itself should be interpreted in light of Christ.

Modern philosophy ignores the Bible. As the spiritual movement gains momentum, it focuses exclusively on divine experience, excluding words, doctrines, and theology.

However, empirical piousism is not the right faith. We believe that the Holy Spirit always accompany the Word.

Calvin even claims that the Bible testifies to the Holy Spirit, and that the Bible is increased by the Holy Spirit. This makes the spiritual movement that excludes the Bible today problematic.

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