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God’s attributes are the source of knowledge that knows God

The attribute of God is the source of knowledge that knows God. God’s nature is the essence of God. God puts all beings in you. And God is a person who always exists in yourself forever and forever.

The good God of these beings created everything through infinite wisdom and ability in accordance with your own goodwill. In particular, there is his blessing and self-esteem within God’s same character.

In particular, the blessing of God is about being completely inherent in the same essence within the three holy places. Among them, God appears as a divine blessing that will perform and last forever in complete knowledge that knows your own completeness and the complete love that loves its completeness.

The Puritan theologian John Owen said that this fact, by giving us some external effect, gives us a true concept of the essence of God before it refers to what the essence of God is.

God has a variety of shared and non-shared properties

Herman Bavinck recognizes that even though God has a variety of shared and non-shared properties, this is only a convenient classification and that all those properties are within unity. God represents you using the concepts of attributes, and humans learn about God’s attributes by recognizing them.

This forms the basis of human recognition of God, and recognizing God means knowing God because awareness is knowledge. This can be even understood by Herman Babink’s next quote.

The Bible cuts off our thoughts and concepts and guides us to God himself. In this way, the Bible does not argue about God, but presents him to us and shows him in all the things he has done with his hands…. We learn not independently, apart from what God has built, but in his work in nature and grace, and through it, to know God and to glorify him.

Herman Bavinck

Olbers’ Paradox – A Hint of Recognizing God

Chapter 5 of Calvin’s 『Institutes of the Christian Religion『 deals with God’s divinity in creation. Olbers’ paradox that the book is trying to deal with is also a hypothesis in astronomy, “If celestial bodies are consistently distributed infinitely far away from the universe, the night sky must also be infinitely bright.”

And the answer is that there’s an infinitely bright light in the night sky, but it’s so far away that it hasn’t yet reached our retina, or it’s full of light that we can’t see.

These invisible lights, which have yet to reach our retina, show us the invisible world of the Lord that we cannot see. It is said that what you see is not everything in this world.

On the contrary, Olbers’ paradox shows us that the light that the human eye can see is only in a small proportion of about 10 percent of the light in the world.

It makes us humble. The fact that we can’t accept the meaning of those lights enough with human perception shows us our ignorance and limitations.

The perception is insufficient, but it is enough for us to know God

However, the perception is insufficient, but it is enough for us to know God. That perception alone makes us the awe of the eternal God who should worship.

“This kind of knowledge not only motivates us to worship God but also encourages us to have hope for an

afterlife,” Calvin said in 『Institutes of the Christian Religion『.

“When I stand on the complete ministry of God in Christ when I start drinking in the river of life and eating rice cakes in the sky, and when I discover the purpose of all my cravings, I crave him even more. During the time I am in this world, the more I experience the satisfaction that comes from God, the greater my desire for the afterlife is,” said Reverend John Piper.

God helps man’s perception of God in many ways

God helps man’s perception of God in many ways. Above all, even after the fall of man, he did not completely acquire man’s ability to recognize God, although it would not be comparable to the time of creation.

And most importantly, God allowed the Bible and the Holy Spirit in addition to man’s perception of God. On this point, Calvin says, “The bible corrects this confused knowledge of God in our minds, drives away our stupidity, and shows us the true God.” Calvin spoke in the book Institutes of the Christian Religion.

For Calvin, there are two main principles of Bible interpretation. One is “Scriptura sui ipsius interpres,”

that is, “the magnification of the Bible,” and the other is “the lighting of the Holy Spirit.”

The magnification of the Bible teaches us to “interpret the Bible as the Bible,” and the light of the Holy Spirit tells us that the Holy Spirit is the true author of the Bible and the true interpreter of the Bible.

As such, Calvinism shows the certainty of human knowledge of God. We face God who surrounds us through the creative world and the Bible around us. Professor David Wells, says, “Man is a being responsible to God,” says.

The Bible not only has authority, but it is God’s word itself. In its magnificent glory, God hides in human words and expects us to stand in the middle of God’s presence and listen to the words of God and learn it. This shows that God is truly modest, covering up its greatness in consideration of our vulnerability. On the other hand, we show that we are arrogant, turning our backs on God’s words and giving up serious preaching in the church…. The sermon is the passage through which God speaks… God speaks through the preacher’s fumbling lips when the preacher’s thoughts are in the Bible text and when the mind is in the presence of God. As Luther said, God is alive in the mouth of the preacher. These sermons call us, to let our souls live, take us to God’s existence, see God’s character, God’s truth, or God’s ministry, and leave with awe, gratitude, and encouragement. We were right in the presence of God! Great preaching is always the way to produce this experience…. Of course, the best sermon is the one that starts with the Bible text and brings the truth to the middle of our lives today …. The sermon lies between the two worlds. One is the world of God’s truth, and the other is the world where we live every day. If preaching does not connect these two worlds effectively, the church will stumble. Where preaching connects these worlds well, true spirituality will bloom.

David Wells

A great wonder and source of faith for believers

It is a great wonder and source of faith for believers that God, who created everything in the world, wants and rejoices in keeping your assistance in the human mind above all else. So,

Reverend Martin Lloyd Jones says, “We must live as those who realize that God has called us by the call of heaven.

So we must keep in mind that there is always something in our minds that governs our acts and our conduct. We have this great, wonderful, and noble call. So our lives must meet that call and match that call.”

However, in order for our lives to fit that call and match that call, we must first be filled with the gospel of truth. Truth should come first, but recently, there are more ethical gospels and positive psychological teachings than that truth. But this is, in short, a ’tilted gospel’ and a ‘one-sided gospel’. Because the Gospel is universal.

Christianity seeks to place all the elements of human nature in the right place. In other words, it is what Christianity pursues so that each human ritual element obeys and plays its role with its independent characteristics. Christianity allows humans to achieve their true purpose by restoring themselves to full-fledged human beings who can fully perform all functions. All human functions are in harmony and make God serve and film with his whole body and mind.

William Wilberforce

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