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Introduction: Honoring Parents

Now let’s look at the second reason to heed Paul’s teaching about honoring parents. This article will also focus on Christian parental honor, using Pastor Martin Lloyd Jones’ sermon on Ephesians as its centerpiece.

Christians and non-Christians alike need to heed Paul’s advice. This is because the devil is always trying to lead us astray with his devious schemes.

Honoring Parents

Jesus’ teaching on honoring parents

Jesus made this very point to the religious people of his day in Matthew 15.
The reason for this was that they were breaking the Ten Commandments in subtle ways. The Ten Commandments command us to honor our parents.

Honoring your parents and taking care of them is a commandment of God.

Honoring your parents and taking care of them is a commandment of God. But the religious people of the day were not keeping the Ten Commandments, and yet they were pretending to be righteous and pious.

They said, “What can we do? We can’t take care of our parents because we’ve given all our money to God.” To this, Jesus pointed out. To this, Jesus pointed out

“You say, “If anyone says to his father or to his mother, ‘It has come to me as a dream from God that I should give to you and benefit you,’ he has no honor to his parents, and he abrogates the word of God”

(Matt. 15:5-6).

But they said, “This is a Corban. Of course, my heart wants to help my parents, but I can’t because I’ve already given it to God,” they excused themselves. In this way, they were ignoring their parents and their duty to them.

It was a secret temptation, and the same temptation exists for us today.
There are a surprising number of young people who have been seduced by Satan and are doing Christianity a disservice by neglecting their duty to honor their parents.

They are disrespectful to their parents.

They are disrespectful to their parents. Their disrespect is compounded by the fact that they neglect their duties to their parents while outwardly pursuing Christian ideals and pretending to serve their faith.

As a result, their attitude alienates their non-Christian parents. They don’t understand that the moment they become a Christian, they are expected to honor and care for their parents even more diligently.

Lessons from the Apostle Paul on Marriage and Parenting

Honoring Parents

With this reality in mind, let’s take a closer look at Paul’s teaching on the matter. The Apostle Paul begins by applying the same principles to children that he applies to married couples.

What Does the Apostle Paul Mean by Biblical Submission?

In other words, he addresses those who are under authority first, those who are in a position to be obeyed. In Ephesians 5, Paul advises wives first and then goes on to husbands.

Likewise, Paul addresses children first, then parents. His reason for doing so is to specifically illustrate the underlying principle of submission out of reverence for Christ.

In other words, Paul commands, “Children, obey your parents,” and then reminds them of the commandment to “honor your father and mother.”Obedience” is not just about what your parents say.

“Obedience” means more than just listening to your parents, it means recognizing their authority and submitting to it.

This is where we see the difference between Christianity and the pagan religions. The pagans did not mention both parents when dealing with this issue, only the father.

But the Christian position, like Judaism under the Law of Moses, mentions both parents together.
The Ten Commandments commanded us to obey our parents.

“Obedience” here means more than just listening to your parents, but recognizing their authority and submitting to it.

Similarly, keeping the commandments means not just listening to them, but putting them into practice by obeying them.

Obedience to parents is based on the concept of “honor,” as indicated by the commandment to “honor your father and mother,” among other things. “Honor” means “reverence” or “respect”. This is the heart of the commandment to “honor your parents.”

Formal or grudging obedience is a far cry from honoring your parents. It’s not only wrong, it’s a shell with the kernel missing.

Why Jesus So Strongly Rebuked the Pharisees

This is why Jesus so strongly rebuked the Pharisees. Children should honor and respect their parents.

They should take their parents’ honor for granted, rejoice in it as a great privilege, and always show their respect for them in everything they do.

Paul’s lesson encourages Christian children to distinguish themselves from unbelievers who say, “What’s the big deal about my parents? Why should I listen to them?”

Unbelievers who disrespect parents

Unbelievers dismiss their parents as “out of touch” and disrespect them. They pride themselves on being “modern,” insisting on their ideas and rights at every turn.

And in this respect, there is no difference between the pagan society in which the Ephesian believers lived and the society in which we live today.

Obedience to parents is based, among other things, on the concept of “honor”. “Honor” means “reverence” or “respect”. This is the heart of the commandment to “honor your parents”.

We see in the newspapers the impact of lawlessness on our lives and the behavior of young people who act like “grown-ups at a young age,” as they say.

Of course, no one grows up young. Physiological growth rates don’t change.

What changes is the state of mind and values? Today’s younger generation is rebellious, not obeying biblical principles or biblical teachings.


Honoring Parents

Today, we see young people everywhere who speak disrespectfully to their parents, who look at them with disdain, or who dismiss their parents’ words as mere jokes and assert only their ideas and rights.

This is one of the ugliest sins and lawlessness of the age. The Apostle Paul addressed this attitude by saying, “Children, obey your parents. Honor your father and mother. Realize your position as children and act accordingly.”

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