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Introduction: Salvation and Sanctification

With the powerful ministry of the Holy Spirit, our corrupt character is transformed into a good character by taking after the character of heaven’s father.

The act of repentance is turning your life toward God from a place of self-satisfaction without God and abandoning what you have lived in sin for self-satisfaction without God. In other words, it means living for God and your neighbors.

Christians are completely repentant and renewed in the spirit of innocence by the Holy Spirit.

True faith is demonstrated by repentance. Once you repent, you must truly believe Christ shed his blood to save you from sin, and you must repent for your past sins as well. A belief that is not true is not a belief at all.

The Repentance

To truly repent, we must immediately abandon the evil deeds we have committed. There is a difference between just repenting and true repentance. It is not enough to repent of your past wrongdoings, you must also hate them and decide to leave them behind. Repentance like this is true repentance.

People don’t realize their sins when they repent, but true repentance does. As long as they live in such a state, they are still children of wrath.

It is salvation gained by giving up oneself completely and by the holiness of the Holy Spirit. As a result, I become completely altruistic. Salvation according to the Bible.

Secular salvation is salvation based on self-centered and secular motives. There is no change in the selfish nature.

Through Jesus Christ, the soul unites with God through a complete change in nature.

In the words of Jonathan Edwards, when a man is born again, he is transformed from an evil man to a holy man by the powerful power of God.

Through the powerful ministry of the Holy Spirit, we are born again, undergoing an inward change in our souls.

The Salvation

Salvation is impossible without the Holy Spirit, who enforces our inner character. Salvation requires the following steps.

  • To begin with, let the Holy Spirit fully realize the decay of your nature.
  • To know the glory of Christ, the Holy Spirit sheds light on our hearts.
  • In addition, the Holy Spirit makes your soul holy.

Evangelical awakening movement ministers often emphasized this. The Bible emphasizes that our salvation should be a holy salvation, and our lives should also be holy lives.

In the absence of actual holiness, no one can receive the Lord when he returns. Salvation is centered on this word.

True Christians are described as such by Puritan pastor Richard Baxter.

“Christians are not serious if they aren’t serious. Seriousness is not only the high level, but also the essence and life of Christianity. A serious Christian differs from a hypocrite, just as the soldier in the play is different from the swordsman.”

In this case, the modern gospel is frivolous and mixed with laughter, and it is unbearable light, where seriousness washes the eyes and cannot be found.

An adult butterfly flies in nature.

Born Again

The term born again refers to the great ministry of God’s Holy Spirit, which saves our souls after they have been dead due to sin and fault.

As we are born again, we become the image of Christ, and a selfish person with a corrupt demon character smeared with sin becomes an altruistic person with the holy divine character of God.

As a result, I realize that Jesus is in me, and that Christ’s mysterious unity has been achieved in me.

According to John Owen, God does three things to his children.

  • First, God does is clean our nature. Our hearts are engraved with God’s law. Lastly, God gives us the spirit of God. Why should we be born again? The first reason is that the human spirit has died.
  • Second, all humans are born with corrupt natures.
  • Third, without holiness, no one can enter eternal heaven.
  • Fourth, we become the true people of the kingdom of God when we are renewed with the Holy Spirit.

In what way do you expect to be born again?

The first step in being born again is to believe in the word of salvation through the cross and to be forgiven for sin by repentance and purity.

Our sins are cleansed by Jesus’ blood if we believe in the gospel of grace of Jesus’ cross, repent of our sins, and repent thoroughly.

Second, God gives the Holy Spirit to those who believe in Christ, repent thoroughly, and are forgave. Our souls are reborn as the Holy Spirit during this time.

Born Again shows the following results.

We realize that the Holy Spirit is in us when we are born again with the Holy Spirit.

In addition to feeling the Holy Spirit’s presence in me, a person born again experiences a fundamental change in nature.

After born again the nature of enjoying sin and the world changes into a spiritual character that likes God’s righteousness and holiness.

Furthermore, a born-again person no longer lives in a selfish state of mind because the Holy Spirit, love, gives him this ability. Instead, he lives for the glory of God and the benefit of his neighbor.

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