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The Biblical Marriage Counseling

The standard of Christian life and the standard of value judgment is the Bible. So can we solve all the marriage problems that modern Christians face by the Bible’s standards? To be honest, there is a bit of caution on this point.

There are many similarities between the Bible written thousands of years ago and the marriage problems that modern people face today, but there are many differences. The more society develops, the more complex the problem becomes.

For this reason, some problems are difficult to solve with the Bible’s guidelines for modern Christians. Let’s take an example. My wife divorced her ex-husband for violence and extramarital affairs.

Here’s the problem: if you have to divorce someone whose spouse is using violence, how much violence is it to get a divorce? I am most wary of Christians who say that the solution to all problems lies in the Bible.

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Jesus does not condemn a divorced women

On the other hand, the theologian Craig says he has no right to deal with problems beyond clear Bible examples. We need to have the heart of Jesus when we talk about the marriage of Christians. Jesus says in Matthew 12:7.

If you had known what these words mean, ‘I desire mercy, not sacrifice,’ you would not have condemned the innocent.

There was a witch hunt in the Middle Ages. The criterion by which people distinguish a witch was a witch’s nipple on the woman’s body. And the witch’s nipple was a clitoris on a woman’s body. The misunderstanding of the woman’s body created by God killed innocent women. It’s the same now.

Misunderstanding of the Bible kills innocent God’s daughters

Misinterpretation and application of the Bible may lead to the death of Christians in pain. We should know what the whole Bible says, rather than being obsessed with a passage from the Bible.

Here is a husband. He is indifferent to his wife. He does not satisfy the emotional, spiritual, or physical needs of his wife. Will this wife be able to divorce her husband? There is no saying in the Bible to divorce for this reason.

However, it is a matter that can be thought of if you know that the purpose of God’s marriage Is to make your spouse not lonely. You shouldn’t be a Pharisee. Jesus says in Matthew 23:4.

They tie up heavy, cumbersome loads and put them on other people’s shoulders, but they are not willing to lift a finger to move them. You shouldn’t salt the wounds of suffering Christians. You shouldn’t burden him. You shouldn’t do that.

That’s what the Bible says. It’s the easiest thing for you to say, but it’s the most irresponsible thing you can say at the same time. What would Jesus do? You should listen to other people’s stories before you tell them the biblical criteria.

And we have to think about their problems together. This is what you are as a true Christian. If we cannot be of service to them, your silence may be to help them.

A guide to Christian divorce and remarriage in the Bible

A complete guide to divorce and remarriage in Christianity: how it works and what the Bible says. Christianity is a religion with strict views on marriage, divorce, and remarriage.

The church believes that marriage should not be broken due to divorce or invalidity. Divorce is seen as an offense contrary to God’s love and gift for marriage.

The church sees divorce as the opposite of the original purpose of a marriage that lasts forever. However, many divorced Christians believe that they did so with good conscience. Because they did not know the church’s teachings in the first place.

Most of them believe that they had no choice but to break up with their former spouses due to unavoidable circumstances. This article intends to provide a clear understanding based on the Bible and tradition of what Christianity does.

There are three views on the divorce and remarriage of Christians. We previously learned about the total forbiddance of Christian divorce and remarriage. So today, let’s look at the limited acceptance of divorce and remarriage of Christians.

Theologist William A. Hett believes that divorce and remarriage of Christians are possible on a limited basis. He says that attitudes toward divorce and remarriage depend on what beliefs we have about the nature of marriage itself.

We previously learned that marriage is not a human-made system, but a covenant created by God. However, it is different from the marriage covenant between spouses and the covenant between God and the church.

What Jesus said in Matthew 19:6 is that man cannot share what God has paired with him does not mean the impossibility of divorce. Theologist Dr. Hett says the Bible itself distinguishes divorce from divorce for justifying reasons.

The Old Testament and modern society have many differences in institutions and structures. There is a problem in applying the laws of that era to the present day. How should the Bible apply the rules of divorce and remarriage in modern times?

Dr. Hett says adultery and neglect are both in breach of marriage vows. If the spouse tries to restore the family with utmost effort but fails, the church should not prohibit the remarriage of an innocent spouse.

Finally, I finish this video with the advice of Dr. Hett. The church should know and teach that marriage is not based on human feelings, but on the practice Of love. The end of marriage must not be self-centered but depends on the individual’s achievement.

The church absorbed popular psychology, which was never based on what the Bible was saying about marriage. The issue of divorce takes on a very different form when we correctly understand the marriage union as a covenant.

Those who make promises in front of God should also trust God to give them enough grace to keep them. And it should be expected that the community of faith will support you and that the community of faith will help you keep your faith even if you hold them accountable.

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What Jesus says about divorce and remarriage

What did Jesus say about divorce? Today, we will have time to find out what Jesus said about divorce. In Mark 10:11,

Jesus says as follows. He answered, “Anyone who divorces his wife and marries another woman commits adultery against her.

Theologist Craig S. Keener says divorce is not a crime without victims. Jesus says he pointed out that this behavior is wrong because divorce harms the innocent spouse. In the culture where Jesus lived, the wife could be divorced for almost any reason.

Once the wife got divorced, she had little financial support. The divorce culture at that time made the damage of divorce even worse.

Jesus certainly opposed divorce. Jesus is opposed to divorce because it is a violation of the covenant, because it hurts our innocent spouse and because it is bad for our spouses and children, for society, and for, ourselves.

But Jesus does not disadvantage those who suffer from divorce. At least in chapter 10 of the Gospel of Mark, Jesus defends divorced people against his will.

What this means is to prohibit breaking one’s marriage, not asking people who are already divorced to live single forever, argues Dr. Keener. Jesus’ teachings take the inscrutableness of marriage for granted.

This is the context of the words from Mark 10:11 to 12. It is to admit that marriage cannot be existentially dismantled. The reason why Christians think a Christian’s remarriage is adultery is that God believes that the divorced person is still married to his or her spouse in the past.

If a spouse commits adultery, Jesus has allowed a divorce, which means that the innocent spouse must be allowed to remarry thereafter. No law allows remarriage without a legitimate divorce.

On the contrary, a legally valid divorce should be given the freedom to remarry. Like this, the Bible interprets marriage, divorce, and remarriage from a different perspective for each theologian.

Therefore, it is not right to see divorce and remarriage of Christians as only one criterion. Especially in modern times, there are more complex relationships than in the times when the Bible was written.

The Bible says that the various marriages and divorces and remarriage experienced by Modern Christians are more complicated than the times Jesus lived in, and what are the boundaries if we allow Christian divorce and remarriage?

There are many religions in the world. If you look at history, many religions have been created and then disappeared. Among those religions, Christianity is the most unique and influential religion.

Today, let’s take a look at how Christianity has spread into a religion that affects the world as it is now. The reference for today’s post is The Triumph of Christianity: How a Forbidden Religion Swept the World By Bart D. Ehrman.

The author says in the book. The achievements of Christianity in ancient times were the biggest cultural transformation that our world experienced alone.

Without Christian victory, the entire history of late ancient times would not have flowed To its current history.

The Middle Ages, the Reformation, the Renaissance, or the Modern Reformation as we know it would not have happened at all. There would not have been a poet like Matthew Arnold.

Or there wouldn’t have been any other Victorian poets. In addition, there would not have been any author who became the literary standard of our time. In other words, there would have been no Milton, no Shakespeare, and no Chaucer.

There would have been no artists we looked up to, such as Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and Rembrandt.

There would not have been such brilliant composers as Mozart, Mandel, and Bach. Of course, I can assure you that the other Milton, the other Michelangelo, and the other Mozart would have taken their place, but it is never known whether they would not have been better than the aid.

But these would have been different at a level we could not fathom. As such, Christianity’s historical influence on political, economic, social, and cultural culture is quite large.

As Christians took power, the value of Christianity penetrated public social life, private institutions, and government policies.

The notion that society should serve the poor, the sick, and the underprivileged has become Christian. If Christianity had not dominated ancient society, we might not have institutionalized welfare for the poor or prepared medical devices for the sick.

Billions of people would not have accepted the idea that society should help the underprivileged Or be worried about the well-being of the needy.

These are the ideas that almost everyone in the West today has come to regard as “human” values without asking or arguing.

Today, universities, general hospitals, and orphanages started in churches, and if there were no churches, education, health care, and welfare would have fallen behind.

Civilization would have retreated. Patients and orphans would have had no place to be treated or cared for. Christian intelligence played a part in the background of Christianity’s dominance over the world.

The Church Fathers of the first church incorporated Greek philosophy into the Bible. So Christianity has a systematic theological system that is not found in any other religion.

Even if the faith was overflowing, Christianity might have disappeared at the beginning like Any other religion without doctrines or theology.

Because it’s the reason that keeps faith. As such, Christianity internally had theology and doctrine that combined the Bible and philosophy, and externally, it proved its value of existence by implementing Christian values to the world.

That is why Christianity has grown into an influential religion as it is now. Next time, let’s take a closer look at the influence of Christianity on the world and its background.

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